An argument for DAY BLADES

I've recently gotten some KR pixel stick strips that I haven't hooked up yet, hopefully its very bright. I don't know if its rgb or rgbw, I'm assuming the former.
I would like to make an argument for GAY BLADE.

I still use In Hilt LEDs and Nylon 6/6 blades. Neopixel is cool and all but I don't need 50 colors, and 50 sound fonts for a single saber. With that kind of variety there's no reason to own more than one lightsaber prop, imo.
MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY, mostly. Personally I love the functionality of the current soundboards and neopixel tech and want it to continue to advance. But I also don’t want multiple colors or sound fonts not related to the character on a specific characters saber. The furthest I’d go is putting Old Ben colors and sound fonts on an Ep.3 Obiwan Hilt. It’s sacrilegious to implement every Sith and Jedi combination just because “you can”. This all leads into my overly strong opinion on the day blade topic. I’ll use Vader’s saber as example, if the blade is in hilt, regardless if it’s on a shelf or in my hands, that means it’s on display, on display for my eyes or anyone else’s, and I can’t see any reason why the blade ignited or not should ever be white.
There's only a couple of instances for me where having multiple sound fonts and colors is nice.

1. On Luke's various OT sabers where color varies from blue to teal to almost white in some scenes depending on the edition you're watching. Same could be said for Obi-Wan and Vader.
2. Being able to cycle through all the fonts is nice if you're showing off the saber.

But yeah, otherwise I have no desire to change colors and sound. I still prefer RGB for the localized effects: blaster, clash, etc.

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