An alternative order for viewing the Star Wars OT and prequels

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Knightjar, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Knightjar

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  2. Bootlegger137

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    Interesting concept. Seems to make a degree or 2 of sense. Thanks for sharing that.

    Now...let the debate rage...
  3. steveo

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    On paper the Machete Order sounds very plausible and kind of exciting, but watching in that order after seeing all the films in release order, won't change my feelings much.
  4. DavidS

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    i prefer the "Prequels dont F***ing Exist" order
  5. darthwhitey

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    Interesting idea. I'd like to try it.

    I'm not saying anything new, but it's just a shame that George couldn't give us three movies that lived up to the first three so we wouldn't have to come up with things like this. :)
  6. cayman shen

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    I think it's brilliant and can't wait to try this order. All of his arguments make perfect sense. I actually felt myself getting kind of excited about the whole idea. And I haven't been excited by SW in a looooong time. A long time.
  7. steveo

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    Haha, (y)thumbsup:thumbsup
  8. DaddyfromNaboo

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    I think that exact order was recommended in a thread here in the OT one day after ROTS had hit the theaters ...
  9. SSgt Burton

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    So... am I understanding this correctly that the only real reason to view the films in this jumbled order is that Lucas stuck Hayden Christensen's ghost at the end of ROTJ? :lol :behave

    I mean... I get treating the prequels as a "flashback", but a four hour flashback? :confused

  10. Solo4114

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    Careful. That kind of talk ain't tolerated 'round these parts...

    I actually had a similar reaction of "Neat! That might actually be kinda cool. Or at least not as bad." It's an interesting narrative approach, anyway.
  11. cayman shen

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    Nah, I don't think that's the only reason (although it makes Hayden's ghost in the ROTJ SE less awful). It's more about putting weaker films where they'll be more effective: immediately showing Anakin's fall after Vader's reveal, rather than spoling it by watching the films in order. Its like the Paris bit in Casablanca :)

    I wonder if it works better with the SE (since if you shuffle them together, the tonal shift would be jarring). Or if you use the OOT, the PT looks even more "idealized fairytale" in comparison. Mmmmmm.
  12. Michael Bergeron

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    He makes some very valid points.

    This order avoids spoiling the big moments of the films and puts things in better context for someone new coming in.

    Still though, I'm glad I saw them the way I did. There was a time when I was happy to say that there wasn't such thing as a bad Star Wars movie. (Some would argue that but I enjoy all three of the originals)
  13. Kerr Avon

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    4, 5, 6.

    That is all.
  14. Krull

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    That...actually works! :confused I think it may sound strange but if you do it that way and remake Ep 1 you could call it a complete series.

    You could also fill in/fix some of the holes in one,like having Sidous mention Maul's death is a surprise but he has another to take his place (for now) and maybe make Anakin a bit older,say ten or eleven and maybe a a bit meaner and less "cute" you could also make the intro to Ep.1 an older Luke going through files to see just what happened and how his father became Vader.

    Hrm...Lucas maybe needs to read this.
  15. Bootlegger137

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    I shared that story around the workplace today, and it got very positive feedback from the "slightly more than casual, but not fanatic nor apathetic" Star Wars fans.
  16. Papa Darth

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    This also allows Lucas to market a new boxed set. :rolleyes
  17. Clutch

    Clutch Master Member

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    Beat me to it!
  18. Mr Walker

    Mr Walker Active Member

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    I'll stick to my order.

    IV, V, VI

    That is all.
  19. The Wook

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    Not for me, Kerr. I'm not a prequel hater, they're kinda cool for what they are--especially III--but they ain't 'Star Wars' in my eyes.

    But neither is VI. So my order is...

    IV, V.

    That is all.

    The Wook
  20. PantheraGem

    PantheraGem Sr Member

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    No one orders me to do anything, alternative or otherwise!
  21. clancampbell

    clancampbell Sr Member

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    My thoughts exactly!

  22. cayman shen

    cayman shen Master Member

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    Oh man, in addition to losing midi-chlorians, skipping TPM gets rid of that stupid Sith rule of two. Seriously, this order is full of win.
  23. Master Dahark

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    I posted this on another forum a couple weeks ago and got mostly positive feedback! Like a couple guys here, I used to be a hardcore SW fan but my interest dwindled more and more with each prequel, until finally I hardly considered myself a fan at all anymore!

    That's why I was fortunate enough to find this so-called 'Machete Order'. It actually got me excited about Star Wars for the first time in a few years!
    * It ignores Episode 1, which was my least favorite (and the guy has a point- it literally brings NOTHING to the series. Nothing but trouble, lol) .
    * It makes II & III more relevant, because we've just found out about Vader and we're more interested in just what the hell happened to make a guy turn into 'that'.
    * It makes total sense to have a big gap between V & VI- V ended with a hell of a cliffhanger, and not finding out how they resolve everything REALLY ups the stakes when you finally get to VI!
    * This guy is so on the ball-- when we get to VI, the first time we see Luke, he's already much more like Vader than the Luke we had known-- I never even put my finger on that before-- this order literally makes ROTJ a BETTER movie! And the perfect ending the the series as a whole

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