An alternative order for viewing the Star Wars OT and prequels

cayman shen

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Oh man, in addition to losing midi-chlorians, skipping TPM gets rid of that stupid Sith rule of two. Seriously, this order is full of win.

Master Dahark

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I posted this on another forum a couple weeks ago and got mostly positive feedback! Like a couple guys here, I used to be a hardcore SW fan but my interest dwindled more and more with each prequel, until finally I hardly considered myself a fan at all anymore!

That's why I was fortunate enough to find this so-called 'Machete Order'. It actually got me excited about Star Wars for the first time in a few years!
* It ignores Episode 1, which was my least favorite (and the guy has a point- it literally brings NOTHING to the series. Nothing but trouble, lol) .
* It makes II & III more relevant, because we've just found out about Vader and we're more interested in just what the hell happened to make a guy turn into 'that'.
* It makes total sense to have a big gap between V & VI- V ended with a hell of a cliffhanger, and not finding out how they resolve everything REALLY ups the stakes when you finally get to VI!
* This guy is so on the ball-- when we get to VI, the first time we see Luke, he's already much more like Vader than the Luke we had known-- I never even put my finger on that before-- this order literally makes ROTJ a BETTER movie! And the perfect ending the the series as a whole