Amazon's BLADE RUNNER 2099 Series


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Do androids still dream of electric sheep?
I think and I could be wrong, of course, that the phrase is a metaphor for what it is to be...conscient. Replicants have a "Implanted Memory" of someone that once was (more human than humans). Maybe, as we have seen in BR2049, the future Replicants will have that "Base Implanted Memory" serving as a diving board, if you will, to go further into knowing who they are. And since they deny the fact that they are artificial beings (Rachael spider's story to Deckard is an example) why would they dream about electric sheep?


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The electric sheep title has little to do with Blade Runner and everything to do with the novel version Deckard.

Deckard of the film has no real motivation in his life and is moved by the inertia of his assignment. If protagonists drove stories, Blade Runner was going nowhere without a shove.


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Yeah the Deckard of the novel and of the movie are very different characters. The new series will have nothing to do with either.
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