All my cosplays


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I would like to share with you all the cosplays I've made since 3 years when I start cosplaying.

Han Solo :
IMG_1162-Modif-133-20140201-1546-3648 x 5472.jpg IMG_1195-Modif-129-20140201-1629-3648 x 5472.jpg 24082014-DSCF1205.jpg jeremy 18.jpg

Indiana Jones (Raiders Of The Lost Ark) :
IMG_2209.jpg IMG_2225 (3110 x 4665) AVEC_SIG.jpg 1014309_10152047047123457_8730443723518373686_n.jpg 1510621_10203481992992754_7517728286642699547_n.jpg

Indiana Jones (Temple Of Doom) :
09.JPG 03.JPG DSCN2041.jpg DSCN1709.JPG

Indiana Jones (Last Crusade) :
994339_223911671103405_1440584142_n.jpg 62348_673486336015669_1056858251_n.jpg DSC_0265.jpg 1003571_673495926014710_1128694139_n.jpg

Pete "Maverick" Mitchell :
20131124-132923_dn_6061.jpg 10459001_777836998922539_6343158301627764741_o.jpg IMG_4416-4.jpg IMG_4417-2.jpg

Rick Grimes :
DSCN3735.JPG DSCN3751.JPG 10150675_10203812096805143_1008410168175339345_n.jpg 10401413_292454504250023_2757249729037748365_n.jpg


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Thanks guys, it's very kind ! I like the temple of Doom Indy too ! ^^
I wore this costume just one time and I can't wait to wear it again. But I have to wait the spring to that, because... I'm praticly shirtless with it ! ^^

Here is my other costumes (they did not fit in the first post) :

John McClane :

Mandalorian Bounty Hunter (personal creation) :
10592632_612782822161602_4084667174578519348_n.jpg DSC_2608.JPG View attachment Cosplayers_Paris_Comics_Expo_001.jpg 10734179_941823029181022_5824523498200028366_n.jpg

T-1000 :
DSCN2086.jpg 1380837_247546598727629_1703957689_n.jpg 935998_248379075311048_1440074550_nret.jpg 1622096_10201656657408940_3444929566390711863_nret.jpg

And it's all for now, I'm currently working on a Darth Vador ESB and a Lucky Luke costume.


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Love them all! You've got an incredible collection. My personal favorite is the Raiders Indy though. Such a classic and you pull it off extremely well. Thanks for sharing!
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