Aliens Colonial Marine...desert gear


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Still a major work in progress...just looking for comments on it.

Still making it dirtier. Other parts are still in various stages of paint.


Got Maul

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sharp, steve .. I would weather the buckles down for a bit more black to be showing but I LOVE the stippling on the upper corner.

Bountys Hunted

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It's looking great.. Was wondering what type of desert cammies to use with it...I think the desert tigerstripes would be incredible, but the new acu's would rock as well.

Keep it coming.



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The marines had DESERT gear in Aliens? What have I been missing. It does look nice though.
no they didnt

...... its called doing something custom


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Looking good. I like the desert Tigerstripe idea, myself. ACU's may be too recognizable as modern day. Also, you might want to look at desert patterns from other countries. Keep us posted.


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<div class='quotetop'>(SVTStingRay @ Oct 4 2006, 03:12 AM) [snapback]1331563[/snapback]</div>
urban camo probably does a lot of good in space, lots of greys

wouldnt that defeat the purpose of it being designed as desert camo :confused

Art Andrews

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Awesome idea bud. Can't wait to see if finished. Might not hurt to put a few scuff marks of another color on it as if it rubbed up against something instead of just scrape marks showing the metla underneath.