Air soft question


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Where do most members source their airsoft weapons from? I've gotten some from hobbytron before and I am less than thrilled with the quality of the weapons or the service. With 4 boys I"d like something durable for them to play with plus good looking enough for me to use for my projects.


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Just google "airsoft forum" and buy someones used gear. Most of the time, like with a car, the original owner has done upgrades and add ons to the item in question yet is selling it for half its original cost.


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I generally use Airsoft Guns SHORTY USA

Beware though once you get away from the consumer level hobby ones, the 'pro' ones are in a different league, it's one thing to get hit on the skin with a cheap springer an entirely different thing to get hit from a high end electric or gas ;)


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I use a combo of ebay for older out of production stuff such as my Tokyo Marui Spas-12, but I have also used Redwolf Airsoft, and's wanted section (the site is huge!)

I'd recommend all of the 3