Age of Ultron - Hulkbuster Build Source Files


Howdy folks. I've seen a few threads on here start up with the newest version of hulkbuster....but then disappear when the file is almost finished. Since this is a community forum, I'm going to build the suit and include the OBJ file within the thread. If you make any changes to it, I only ask that you attach it to the thread so other builders can use it for their props. This won't be the prettiest hulkbuster out there, but it should be something that is at least readily available for the release date. At least that is the goal. I'll definitely need help unfolding it, but the modelling shouldn't take any longer than a week tops. There are more than enough reference shots on here for me to get started tonight. First update to the model should be on saturday.
Can't wait to see what you come up with. I've been dying to see some completed files as well.

Yeah, i'm thinking that i'll just include the file with each post I do. Just changing it out with the newer version until it's finished. That way we can keep some steam on this thread and make sure it doesn't die.
I have a ton of reference shots from this model, but i'm having issues getting a decent profile view. It's not needed but it'll make the model sheet alot cleaner before I start the build in Maya. If anybody has a good profile shot of the hulkbuster then please post away. If not then it's okay. My son has the toy and I'm using it as a reference to do a low poly version of the suit first.
i have been trying to find one of those as well and been unable to find any. if i do it will get posted here..
Thank you my man. Either or, we will at least have a low poly version that is ready for unfolding. Once the suit is out and available, we can work towards a higher definition release. Just need to make sure that we can have it out so people can pep before release.
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