Advice needed- using clear coat on a spray primer?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by helix_3, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. helix_3

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    I'm looking for a dark grey (almost black) rattlecan spray, but I can only find this:

    Nothing else even comes close to the right color, so it seems like this is my only option.

    Would I be okay if I lay this down as a base, then seal it with a matte Rustoleum clear coat? The prop won't be handled very often, or exposed to any elements.
  2. obiwan kowalski

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    If it won't be handled much I think it wouldn't even need a clear coat. Hot rods get painted in primer only all the time and stay that way for years.
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  3. Duncanator

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    Yah, that should work just fine. They are both Rustoleum so there shouldn't be any compatibility issues. You should check to make sure the clear coat is not a lacquer paint if the color paint is an enamel. (Just to be safe)
    You can spray enamel over enamel, and lacquer over lacquer, and even enamel over lacquer, but you shouldn't spray lacquer over enamel as the solvents in the lacquer will attack the enamel paint and make it do ugly things.
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  4. helix_3

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    Thanks for the advice, both pieces of information are very helpful!
  5. AtrumAntics

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    cant find a paint color you after see if a local body shop can mix you some up ? try looking at car manufacturer color books and find one close then use the reference code it give for the paint and i'm sure somewhere can mix if for you :D
  6. Sean


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    Have you tried dupli color they have a very dark grey primer. and for me it's the best rattle can paint there is...


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