Advice needed on display options for a...towel.


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First off, hello, everyone.

I've been skulking around these boards for years. You guys have been invaluable in answering so many of my questions even from behind the scenes, so my belated thanks for that. Also, let me admit up front that I'm a self-proclaimed blabbermouth. I overexplain everything, so my apologies in advance for the ridiculous post that follows. If you want to skip right to the last paragraph, that's where the actual question will be! :lol

Okay, so over the past few months I've been lurking around eBay in hopes of picking up some stuff related to the film Real Steel. I was kinda hoping something screen used would pop up eventually, but all that I was able to find were a couple of promotional items, mostly your typical run of the mill stuff like t-shirts, posters, stickers, cups, ect. Of the items I've seen, all of them have appeared multiple times at auction and from various sellers over the past month or two. All items that I've inspected myself contain a Dreamworks Pictures copyright somewhere on the piece. All except for one... (see attached)

Now, normally, I would never bother to inquire, but something seems a bit odd about this towel. Perhaps I'm just pipe dreaming here, but something tells me this may be an unused prop from the film. For those who've seen the movie, I'm fairly certain this towel is identicle in size, shape, color, and graphics to the towel that Zeus' trainer throws at Max in the stadium.

The seller claims it came from the Premiere in LA. Which I believe to be true as the auction also came with his press pass. I can't imagine why they would have these towels at an event for attendees to take, but who knows. Maybe he wasn't supposed to take them? Fact is, I have yet to see another seller offer these, and have obtained no further confirmation of their existence on the internet. All other promos, including the initial viral packs sent to press, have been accounted for and documented through various sources online.

Of course none of this really means anything. I'm just posting the tale in hopes someone else out there can either confilm or deny my suspicions. I'm quite sure it will turn out to be just a common promotional items, and that's fine. The seller didn't misrepresent it as anything but a promo and I didn't pay very much money for it, so either way I'm happy. If it turns out to actually be leftovers from the shoot, then that's just a HUGE bonus for me! No matter what it was intended, it's still just cotton and polyester in the end and I'm very pleased with it, regardless. And so...

I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions for cool display options? Promo or not, I think it would be cool to treat this as something viralish. More like a BTTF hoverboard or USA today paper rather than a "Real Steel" movie item. I've considered maybe some kind of shadow box display with some mock tickets and maybe a program to a "WRB" boxing match, but I'm not really sure. I figured you guys might have some better ideas.

I appreciate it.


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Simple - I would toss that into a shadowbox from Michael's. They carry a couple that it would easily fit inside and stay nice and clean. The outer frame is black and I think the internal backing allows for you to just pin the towel into place. Cost depends on what sale they have going on at any given time. I usually purchase them when they are 40% off (which happens all the time).

Note: I would also put a high quality picture of the original movie poster inside with the towel so observers know what movie it appeared in.. Otherwise, it's a weird looking towel in a box on the wall..

Example with movie poster


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Ah, I like that! I'm still not sure I actually want to have a "Real Steel" poster in there, but the World Robot Boxing logo or something similar could very well take the poster slot. I never thought to include a picture of Zeus himself, that would tie it all together nicely.

Initially I wanted to present it as if the WRB were real, and I (or whoever) caught this at a match, but maybe having a reproduction of the one-sheet is the better choice.

The depth of that box also opens up the option of including an action figure in there as well. That may come off looking cheesy, though...

I have a Michaels right down the street, I'll check those out. Thanks!


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I think I saw two different scale of robots at Target. Most of the boxes that would accommodate the towel are 1 3/4" or maybe 2" deep. Not really deep enough for props like the Sandman gun but plenty for other stuff.

I'm all for putting the original figures in there with the towel. That would be cool. Usually you can scarf a picture of the original movie poster from the web and resize it to your needs.

Then take the entire display and have Huge Jackman sign it.. ;-)


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I've seen these towels up several times always listed as promo items, so I'd go with what the seller told you.

As far as displaying, a shadowbox works, but since it is so thin a simple frame will do. I made a display for some Shrek towels using a regular frame from Michaels. Here's a pic...

Shrek display by Magicmakeroon, on Flickr


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First off, sorry for the necro. :$

I kinda put off my whole Real Steel display thing, but with the new Atom bust going up today, I found myself inspired to get back into it.

I did actually wind up getting a great shadowbox at Michaels for $15, by the way, but ultimately scrapped the whole idea. A black towel in a black box against a black velvet background just wasn't working out. It was way too dark in there, and I thought it might look kind of silly hanging an "artwork lamp" over it. Why I never thought of just putting it in a frame, I'll never know...? Thanks, BMM!

@Chris: Great job on the tix! I'm gonna use your template and try to make a few matches of my own to frame up if you don't mind. I'd like to make a few for the different arenas as well. I really need to get Photoshop again. I've been too long without it.

Also, and I don't know why I'm just finding this now, but it appears as though my towel may just be the real deal. Yes, there are many promo towels appearing on ebay, but I still have yet to see another Zeus towel like the one pictured below. I'm still not taking this as 100% confirmation, but that pic sure makes me more confident. I can't believe how little I paid for it.

Now, anyone up to tackle that Popular Mechanics cover?! ;)
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