advanced potion making book cover


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Hey guys

trying to make my own advanced potion making book. i am really not quite nerd and i don't know anything about photoshop lol..

can someone help me to change the size of book cover? i need it to be 6x9. and which website you think i should use for printing? i checked lulu. i want hardback cover but it only has size 6x9 which is quite big. any idea what can i do?


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For the reasons discussed hundreds of times I won't share mine but you can try asking on main thread.
Thank you for the response but I think you may have got what I said wrong. I was hoping to be pointed into the direction of someone that would be making/selling the cover. I do not have access to the printers and canvas to print it onto. I have the blurb book and want to add the cover.
I didn't see the hundreds of times the reasons were discussed. maybe im not looking hard enough
my apologies in advance


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No problem ;) I meant that some people are downloading designs available online and then selling them on eBay, Etsy or else.

As for the cover itself check out ecl's tutorial and check the List of all paper props (it is pinned thread).


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Thanks again. Spoke with a member on the board that will make one.

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