Accidental discovery!


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I need ed to hold two large pieces together for glueing and in desperation I grabbed a roll of packing tape. This was a roll of Scotch Tear-by-Hand Tape. It tears off the roll easily but holds like a gorilla.

I was resigned to cleaning off a bunch of tape residue. When I removed it 5 hours later it peeled off with NO RESIDUE remaining.. It didn't even take off any paint. I may have to buy a case....


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Originally posted by Stormleader@Sep 22 2005, 02:21 PM
Great tip.

BTW- What is that monkey doing?  Washing a cat?.  :lol

Isn't it great?. The chimp is indeed washing a kitty in the sink. I first saw it on the Letterman show but I have no idea what it originally came from. It just cracks me up. :lol
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