Abacus props, anyone know the story

Supa troop

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I recently came across a few screen used costume items, having been burned on some other stuff recently im kind of reluctant to delv back into the screen used market, however these particular items i like are relatively cheap.

I do however always insist on making sure a COA comes with any screen used item's however in this case the owner of the item's has informed me that there are no COA's due to the original Owner Acabvus closing down.

has anyone heard of Acabus before? and were they legit
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Yea, they were legit, just went outa buisness is what I heard, I think the main guy is a member here, mrfussion I think, good guy.
I bought a few items from them before the went out of business.
The lady I was in contact with at the time (Michelle Belacic) was great as was the transaction (items sent quickly, well packed, etc)

supa troop, I think the items you refer to came from them because I also got mine for a very reasonable / cheap price (considering the prices usually met on this market) and one of the COAs was missing... simply because they didn't have time to take a photo of all the items they sent me !

I was sad to see they had to shut down their business because you could see they were newcomers full of enthusiasm who still had to learn a few tricks to be 100% operational... Too bad they didn't have enough time to find a place on this market.

FYI I believe most of the items they had for sale came from the "Backlot props" Company (another MIA prop brokers company that was active something like 4 or 5 years ago IIRC).

Thanks Guy's

Is it possible to Obtain COA's if indeed the items are legit from a different source ?

Your welcome SP.

Not sure you could get COAs for these items from another source... but it's a known fact within the hobby that Abacus had a lot of costumes from productions such as ALIEN 3 and Demolition Man, among others. (this to say that missing a COA on these kind of pieces won't lower their value on the market imho)

My 2 cents.

Thanks Fred, thats great :thumbsup

Im thinking If MrfUSSION is still a member here he may still have some COA's before he sold this stuff on, time to get searching me thinks :)
Although having a COA is always a plus but its not the end all to end all. This goes for any screen used prop. Ive seen prop masters to films sell bogus props with a COA, or pretty much a majority of the Saw props out there. Your first check when buying a prop or wardrobe piece is to go through the movie and try and screen match it. If there is a scratch/dent/bump/imperfection/etc.... on the piece than that should be your "tell" to match it up.

If you want send me a self addressed envelope and Ill make a nice pretty COA for you, Ill add a hologram sticker that points to the paperwork being archived in some filing cabinet, and Ill put the pic of your prop on the COA for a piece of mind.

Of course Im kidding, but just trying to prove a point that COA are pretty much worthless, anyone can make them.
I bought several lots of props and wardrobe from Abacus when they auctioned off the warehouse earlier this year. In that auction, nothing came with COAs, it was just a liquidation sale to clear the warehouse. I've sold many things, and most people that have asked for verification have been happy with a copy of the auction catalog with the lots circled that pertained to what they purchased. There's also some pictures of the lots available with the descriptions. (If it was something purchased from Abacus prior to the liquidation, that's a different matter...)

The liquidation auction listing is still online:
Tiger Remarketing Services

You can see all the lots and pictures there... At least that gives you an idea of who Abacus was and what properties they had.
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