A wing pilot costume.Anyone in the Uk making these.

Working on a limited run of chestboxes. Mostly real parts like the original used.
Anyone know what the brown backing material is used to mount the A WING chestbox on and where I can buy it off the roll. I live Cheshire UK. Thanks.
By "brown backing material" are you referring to the vest? (Item 5 in the Rebel Legion CRL):

A-Wing pilot (Episode VI) | Rebel Legion

It's actually a dark gray material, but it appears from photos to have a mottled appearance with small strands of various colors visible in closeup photos. This has led to speculation that the material used was something like emergency thermal blankets, made from recycled textiles, but I don't believe that's been confirmed.

Not sure about availability in the UK or if the terminology may differ, but in the US the best match is likely a fleece or felt, similar to this:

Charcoal gray fleece

The B-Wing pilots in ROTJ wore similar vests with a different pattern but made of what appears to be the same material. That may help broaden your search for a good local source.

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