A Tale of Two Webleys


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Sitting on my workbench, untouched for the last several months (I've been busy) are two Webleys.


One is a real Webley, although it was chromed and later painted to hide the chrome (and make it more attractive to Fett costumers). Bought it here from the JY (can't remember from whom). Comes with stock and strap, still fully functional. However, there are scratches in the paint where the chrome does show through.

The other is a Hand-Shaub replica in bronze. Virtually identical in appearance to the real Webley. While the chamber is functional with spring-loaded release, there is no functional hammer or trigger. No strap, but it comes with a new stock (from Woodman, IIRC). It is also unpainted, just the bronze, so there is no chrome peeking through any scratches or scuffs.

I have the scope, the flash and all the Sidewinder greeblies. So I am ready to do an ESB conversion on one of them (not interested in an ROTJ version). But I am torn on which one to go with and was hoping to solicit some opinions.

The Real Webley
PRO: It's a real Webley. While not 100% accurate due to the chroming/repainting, it's still the real deal, which is getting harder and harder to come by. Also, if I ever found myself in a cash crunch, I could probably get a good chunk of change out of this.
CON: The aforementioned chroming/painting. I suppose I could strip it, but am not sure if that would make it look worse. I am also not sure if it's worth the time or trouble. Also, since it is functional, it might be problematic to use in public (cons, parties, etc.)

The Hand-Schaub
PRO: No chroming/painting; looks great as-is. Not functional and never was, so may be easier to use at public events. Hand-Shaubs are probably just as sought-after and hard to find as Webleys nowadays.
CON: It's not a real Webley and thus not a little piece of very rare prop history.

So there you have it. Not sure which one to convert and which one to leave as-is (for now). I keep flip-flopping back and forth. Would be interested in hearing some thoughts and opinions on the matter, if you'd be so kind.

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Convert the real one. From what you've said, you have already begun converting it by painting it.


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I feel your pain, lol. Tough call. I have a Hand-Shaub casting and would love to have the real deal if I could find one for a song at the flea market but they're too expensive for my taste otherwise. (I'm more of a Vader guy than Boba Fett)

A buddy of mine has fully converted an authentic Webley. His Webley was originally chromed so he stripped it and had a gunsmith hot-blue it for him and it looks magnificent. He's a 110% Fett maniac and only authentic parts for his costume will do (when they are available). He will probably be buried with the Webley so I can completely understand and endorse his enthusiasm for wanting to get everything absolutely perfect.

I tend to be an archivist by nature so I am very hesitant to alter a rare/expensive original item in a way that would damage it or prevent it from being returned to its original condition. If a rare part has to be modified and there is a replica that is identical, or at least 98% there, I will generally use that in favor of the real thing. So my vote is naturally to convert the HS replica.

If push came to shove and you had to sell off the Webley you would get a lot more for it in pristine condition than having had to re-finish the stock from where the greeblies were glued on or risk damage to the barrel when attaching the scope mounts. If the paint on the real Webley is already starting to chip then obviously stripping the rest of black paint off won't be difficult and it will be back to original condition in no time.

That's my .02 Galactic Credits.



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Dave - you would not happen to know what your buddy paid to have his stripped and reblued, do you?
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