A question for all members...what do you think of this armor?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Sketchman, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Sketchman

    Sketchman New Member

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    Well, since none of the 29 folks who viewed my last post chose to reply, perhaps I could trouble you for your opinions on this set of armor. I have an opprotunity to purchase a set, including helmet from this seller. What're your opinions? I'm an extreme (not X-treme) novice when it comes to armor, but I want my first set to be good. Opinions? Feel free to respond to my other post as well :)

    my bad..here's the link

    Stormtrooper Armor
  2. Darthmagpie

    Darthmagpie Well-Known Member

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    Can't speak for the armor but i have their vader shins and they are great.
  3. fettswatcop

    fettswatcop New Member

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    Looks ok to me.
  4. TK-2067

    TK-2067 Well-Known Member

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    ya i was looking at that today on ebay. if its like mine , i am very happy with mine .
  5. TK1536

    TK1536 Sr Member

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    Looks like the regular old run of the mill FX armor. Nothing special. Nice quality, but not entirely accurate.
  6. PMTrooper

    PMTrooper Active Member

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    agree with mike

    imo a lot of guys going for the FX armor and made a upgrade on the helmet
    this one looks like a nice starterset of armor with a good price
    only way to go is a nice bucket
  7. GundamZeppelin

    GundamZeppelin Sr Member

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    <div class='quotetop'>(TK1536 @ Jun 24 2006, 06:59 PM) [snapback]1267508[/snapback]</div>
    That sums it up. i was thinking about the armor myself since i have an AP helmet. but knowing myself i would end up buying a more accurate set later.

    It also looks sharper then a normal fx kit.
  8. maniacman7

    maniacman7 Well-Known Member

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    Hello novice type :)

    The armor in this auction is NOT as stated 100% accurate BUT its a very very good starter for those who want to troop, I'd say about 90+ % of the 501st started with or still use these sets.I personally for the price would've bought this set. I know the maker through the yrs and his stuff is of the highest quality in craftsmanship. I have in the past few weeks been buying from him myself. just checkout dewbacklover on ebay for that atestment.

    My .02


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  9. WhiteArmor

    WhiteArmor New Member

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    Pretty much looks like an FX kit. This was my first set of armor and with very little knowledge it is not too hard to assemble. As long as you take your time and do a little research you should not have any problems getting it together. As for the buyer I have not bought from them, but have talked to them in the past since they are the only ones I know of at this time that make TX armor. (black stromtrooper armor) When I have spoken too them they seemed very nice and helpful, so just do your research on the buyer and if you get the kit enjoy.
  10. Darth Mawr

    Darth Mawr Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I've bought from this dealer on a couple of occasions and can't say enough good things about them as per my dealings. Of course, your milage may vary. :p
  11. GeneralMayhem

    GeneralMayhem Sr Member

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    I bought a set of black "stealth" armor from him. Yes, it is an FX kit. Not entirely accurate, but a good kit and he was very easy to deal with. No problems.
  12. MisserCraig

    MisserCraig Well-Known Member

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    i came close to buying a set of black TK armor from him a year or two ago. i decided to go a different route, but from what i remember, he was a very helpful and cordial seller who answered all my questions quickly and thoroughly. standard somewhat inaccurate FX stuff, but good armor for trooping.
  13. Darth Domain

    Darth Domain Well-Known Member

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    I got vader gloves off Sitharmor, his communication is execellent and the item was here in the UK 6 days after end of sale.
    Great person to deal with, i want that Cod next i think :D
  14. Jaintly

    Jaintly Active Member

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    I'm glad that my armor came pre-made. I was always bad at rushing my model kits growing up. I would have messed it up all kind's of way I'm sure.
  15. darthgordon

    darthgordon Sr Member

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    Well I don't know much about stormtrooper armor, other than the fact that I've seen similar sets for higher prices. As for the seller I can say I've bought from them before and recieved exactly what was described. :thumbsup
  16. shabad

    shabad Active Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I've had good experiences with the seller on and off ebay for Sandtrooper Replica German MP40 ammo pouches, only place I know to get replica stella ones. FX armor - okay starter set if you add an accurate helmet.
  17. TK0518

    TK0518 New Member

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    Well.. just like everyone else has said.. looks pretty much like the "standard" FX-kit.. which is a good "starters" kit..

    (hey.. i gotta get those 20 posts during my trial period right?? :angel )
  18. Atin_TX6203

    Atin_TX6203 New Member

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    Standard FX kit, dont know about the seller, but Armor is good.
    I think it was already stated most of the 501st guys start with this armor. Guess it is like a ciggerette, you start with one and end up addicted :lol
  19. pfont2

    pfont2 New Member

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    The armor is FX and the seller is super to deal with. Ive bought a number of items from him and have had nothing but good dealings..
  20. Vaderman

    Vaderman Sr Member

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    I have purchased fromn this seller before and they were great to deal with. I bought aluminum parts which were well made and pretty accurate.
    Don't know enough details about trooper armor to say how good these are, but from other replies, it sounds like a good starter set.

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