A great prop find on Ebay


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Looks like a good representation. Someone got a good deal. I don't really have any interest in one for my collection, but I'm sure the winning bidder will be proud to have it.


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doesnt beat 3.00 for a very good condition bolsey flash but thats a real good price nontheless

Dean O

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Originally posted by PHArchivist@Jan 26 2006, 04:38 PM
Isn't that marketed as a mass-produced toy?
Yup, I believe they retail for about $15-$20 or so.

Prop Runner

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I have the toy, and it shoots Nurf-rockets. You can see the launch tubes in the front - this is the static resin replica. Apples & oranges. Nice price. :)

- Gabe


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Not the best deal, considering how little demand there is for stuff from this film. It's a shame they ruined what could have been a great franchise.


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Yep - quite fun. I picked one up at the Media Play in Fargo last October for about $7.50.

The kids like it.