A Friends Captain America TFA USO Costume for Premier Tonight!


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Hey Guys and Gals,

I have a good friend Im making a WWII Captain suit for. It was nowhere near complete for the Movie tonight but we didnt expect it to be.
Now he has as he calls it "a cheesy spandex cap suit" and was going to weat it just to be dressed up! Then I started to think, Wait a minuet Cap wears a "cheesy suit" in the film, its the USO suit! So I started to explain the layout to him. "Cheesy spandex suit" check all we really needed was a belt, army coat, blue wwii helmet and goggles and he would have a movie-esq suit. So I got on it! I went to the local Costume store and purchased a $9 helmet and a $9 pair of silver avaitor googles. I painted the helmet blue and painted an "A" on it. I also added a "chin strap" style strap. I then painted the goggles olive drab to match the coat and belt. I attached everything to the helmet and bam a Cheap substitute for an USO Movie-esq Costume. Not bad for $18 and an hour worth of work!!

His Suit for the Midnight Showing

My friend suited up! He only took one pic by himself but you guys get the idea!

Anyway I just thought Id show what he was doing! Feel free to post your Premier Costume pics if ya want!
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