A few of my costume suits to share with:


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Thought I might share a few of my suits I have done to date:cool


My Classic Cylon. My moons into this one. Research on this one proved to be the hardest.

My Pred. Spared nothing on detail on him. Mostly screen accurate aside from my leather add-on's.:)

My ESB Vader ..... wanted to see what it looked like without the cape. Thought's? I think I like :loveit this way.

My inspirational buddy:cool


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Trying for bigger one. I'm a bit of a noob to this forum for posting.

Here goes nothing:cool



Vader without cape ...... thought's? I like it:cool

inspirational buddy:

Hopefully these came out bigger?


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These came out great. I'm most impressed with the Cylon, if nothing else because you don't see too many.


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Thanks everyone. Hard work paid off:).

Yes, that was DragonCon parade. Damn near killed me this year. The pace was WAY too fast.

Yes, Yana the Husky pup is a little cutie but QUITE the handfull. Almost coming close to little devil dog LOL!

Trying to build a Jaffa serpent guard now. Bought one of Vaderarmor's serpent helmets. Anyone know who make's other Jaffa related items ... Mainly the staff blaster?
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