A few new original Riddick items - Show off

Guardian Devil

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I've recently added a few new items to my collection and thought I'd take this opportunity to show them off here!

First is Riddicks rope weapon that Vin Diesel dramatically swings around on the surface of Crematoria:

Next is The Guvs water harness/backpack to accompany The Guvs costume that I aquired recently:

Next is a blackhawk vest worn by one of the Mercs that capture Riddick:

Last but not least is a great little armband as worn by the Crematoria Slam Guards:

As always these items and the rest of my collection can be seen on my site at: http://riddickarchive.blogsome.com/


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Nice! I really enjoyed your site and collection there. It's insane! You should consider buying up the domain riddickulous.com :lol :thumbsup

Guardian Devil

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Thanks for the kind words guys, I'm hopefully going to be adding a few more very recognisable items soon. Fueling my obsession! I think I may actually have to get that domain name! :lol

I always loved Riddick especiallly the game, did you play it/
I loved the Butcher Bay game and didn't think the next one would be able to top it, but I was amazed that Dark Athena was just as good, if not better!


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Beautiful collection sir! Lovely Riddick collection and your Firefly pretties are mighty fine too! Did I see a set of Tall cards from the Shindig episode in there, maybe some coins from Safe? I'd love to know where you found that stuff if they're replicas and especially if ther are still some arouind for sale.