A Cool MR saber Pic I took for school.


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No photo editing in this pic, just the right settings and the perfect timing. Thanks goes out to my roomate (the model) and my girlfriend (the saber swinger).

These are some shots of my friends goofing around with my sabers, they gave me the inspiration to setup the top photo.

other misc toy pics and stuff


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Very cool shots. :eek

Were these taken for a photography class?

What kind of camera were you using? What was your exposure?

Thanks for sharing. :thumbsup


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Qutie Nifty. I love playing with the long exposures. Another Idea you might want to try, very similar to that last photo, have them do that but also get hold of a flash that you can pop once our twice durring the shot to "freeze" parts of the action. Should come out very nice, but be sure to get a good tripod and cable release/remote.


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It's a canon rebel xt, a 8.2 megapixel 35mm camera. I think I was at 2 secs on the first pic.

CMANavy, thanks for the flash suggestion.