8-D-8 Droid head build Version 2.0 ---- NECK/BASE PICS POST#43


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Hello peeps,

It's a new year and a new decade so i better get a new droid head done, it's a re deux of one i had done many years ago but a completely new sculpt.
i have sufficient new reference to realistically get pretty close to the real one in my opinion. i won't do another 8-d-8 ,this is it.
i would like to thank Lee S for graciously supplying me with the correct track links (mouth parts) from which i can take/make accurate measurements from. I can also use
the photomultiplier grills which are on the side which a have many.

Here are his humble beginnings..........stay tuned :p

i want to get this as square as possible, i used a sandwich of sculpting foam in the interior with 2mm plastic card on the external surfaces, i want to use thick plastic card this time as the last sculpt tended to warp, i'll get the general shape at the rear and top first to get the proportions and angles then work on the face, getting the face right is the no.1 priority, the other parts are easy ish so they can wait. side plates and grills will be last.

i also want to include the neck piece too.

anyway here is the real droid below and my effort below that---- W.I.P.

Any question please ask



lazors baby!


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Great work I love some sculpting, you got it going on thanks for sharing very talented can't wait to see progress on this one
sides of the nose done, nose attached and nostrils blended in.

getting the angles down is pretty tricky, i'm also rounding off corners and edges just like the real one, the chin is particularly bad (good? i don't know). the 2 edges either side of the grill are quite rough so i've tried to incorporate that.

i brush paint on from time to time just to check for seam lines where the plasticard plates meet.. i must point out they are visible in places on the real droid, i'm going to try and avoid that because im like that.


its not pretty under the skin but its just a master and just needs to survive being molded.

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bit more done to the cheeks and got the bottom plate finished.



i think ill supply the flat screws rather than molding them into the plate, i also plan to include the inventory sticker that is on the rear of the plate
what you think?
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i am putting lumps n bumps at the back of the eye socket just like the real one. looks like they painted it with one part dirt one part paint.
i added the three rivets on the grill part and cast them up, the ones on his left side are on upside down from the other side, something i missed first time around

Haha yeah he looks like he has a bad personality.....

I remember once a guy bought a version 1.0 head from me and he asked if he could wear it.

I said yes no problem if you put your head in a vice first!

Its only about 100mm wide.

What a difference it makes having good references, there are loads of little differences from side to side, I've tried to incorporate these, I will list things when it's done. It's actually quite a bit smaller than version 1.0, having the grills and tank tracks were really helpful in determining the dimensions.

So cool, I love this droid!
What are the mouth tracks from? I saw a thread where you said they weren't pz4 tracks, but I haven't seen a positive id.
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