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Well, it's not from Total Recall, that's for sure.

lol...nope its doubled of the years if it is!

Presumably with the ROTJ character you'd only have to make 4 breats, because the top two would be real wouldnt they?

Supa troop

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Maybe it is Total Recall, and at the last minute changed their minds and went with 3 breasts as opposed to 6 which just looked silly and 5 breasts which would have been ODD although 4 breasts would have looked ok but rather square looking

ANYWAY thats a lot of beasts :love


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It seems unlikely they are from ROTJ, Total Recall, etc. Surely those films would be at the forefront of the experts's minds at Propstore.

I'd say the concept of multiple breasts is on many a Sci Fi movie maker's mind..could be some cheesy B list film.

Didn't a character in Star Trek V have multiple breasts too? Edit..oh yeah the cat woman had 3. How implausible!!


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"designed to be worn on the chest once painted to give a certain extraordinary look to the wearer"

They never had any of these cool toys when I was a kid. :(

Sluis Van Shipyards

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The unpainted appliance is made of foam latex and features six breast, including nipples, and even a belly button!
I like that it includes nipples. Usually when you buy six breasted appliances they screw you out of the nipples!


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In other news, the previous Most Users Online record at the RPF was shattered today with the posting of the '6 Breasts!' thread. Film at 11.
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