5th Element Paper Props

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by TazVader, Jul 4, 2006.

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    :p Hey guys... I am a happy man. I finally laid hold of a Matt Multipass with the help of a great guy here. (You know who u are :thumbsup )

    Anyway...whilst reading the tutuorial and browsing Matt's great site I noticed there were quite a few 5th Element props around. Then anyway. ..I am refering to the hopefully cheap ones actually LOL Are they still around for sale? Or have they turned into free paper props by now? Anyone care to shed some light on this?

    Warm Regards

    PS Thanks Matt & others for making a great piece available. I think they are like pokemon though....gotta catch 'em all LOL.
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    I've got some on my computer.

    Heres what i've got.
    Some of it may be a little crappy though, made it when i was quite new to Photoshop and Illustrator..
    You need winRar to open the file though. Just google winrar and you'll find the site, download winrar and open the file and export the files.
    Anyways here is the file:

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