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I just got started with my first 3D printer, and as you can see in the photos the filament jammed for a couple layers 2/3 of the way through, compromising the strength of the print. I'd rather not have to reprint this piece if I can help it - I still have 2 more pieces to print for this project and I'm starting to run out of PLA.

Any tips for fixing the gaps to make it stronger? I've printed a dozen other pieces and they're solid as a rock, but this is notably squishy on the top. The piece isn't structural but I don't want it to be weak piece of crap either. I'm not afraid to roll up my sleeves and put some elbow grease into this to fix it up (hence all of the printed supports) as opposed to another 6 hour print. So what do you think? Slice the weak parts off and superglue them back on? Smush epoxy into the gaps? Will Bondo be enough to strengthen the outside (I'd be smoothing it out with Bondo anyways)?

20150709_072019.jpg 20150709_072041.jpg 20150709_072050.jpg


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You should just be able to use a filler. You can either go thick and try a bondo like filler or try using some resin/apoxy that is a little thinner to get farther in to the gap. As long as it is mixed properly it should cure hard enough to sand smooth.
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