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Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by SPY007, May 2, 2005.

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    Existing info varies a lot on this models length. Morton's "plan" says his model is 80cm, while the existing thread (which I have read entirely) says his model is actually 32.75 inches (closer to 83cm). That is quite a differnce. I'm trying to work out my own plan and really need some expert advice. I have posted new, since no has responded to my questions in the existing thread.

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    SPY007,....curious name but anyhow.

    Im going to use your excellent question as an example.
    Its nothing personal and I thank you for allowing me to.


    Depends where you measure from. But it sounds like your in the ball park.

    a better question is, whats the exact diameter of the circle,....and then How far does the mandible stick out from that,... BEFORE PLATING and BEFORE you are adding parts. IE. How big is the skeleton?
    Any top shot of the Model will give you that info.
    f you look...you can see the edge.

    You have to be able to see where those edges start in the photo. Use the existing model peices to scale your measures. You DO have some of the real kit parts for reference don't you?

    If you are not able to do this, you will not be able to complete anything else on the ship. If you can learn to do this, then our measures are meaningless and you will have no problem completing this worthy scratch build.

    This is why we never answer measure questions. That,...and we are continuously correcting out info.
    We often get hate mail from angry folks wanting measurement info.
    Which is not the case here with SPY007, but it has happened.

    If we randomly give out info, we do more harm as we have NO Idea what reference base you are using. Or it gives you a false hope that should you get stuck, just ask Moe or Frank or Tim.

    How far is the transmission from the Tamiya part X. Well, that depends where ya glued part X too. Assuming its Right where it should be as it is on the studio model the answer is XX mm. But if you have it off, then the measure is meaningless and it wont look right and we get accused of giving BAD INFO.

    Thats why we have chosen the NO INFO route. ID rather keep my mouth shut then send someone down the wrong path.

    I bugged Tim for years to help me build my own falcon. Even when he FINALLY gave in and got me started...( huh Tim) I soon realized that unless I was able to determine HOW to pull info out of photos myself....it was hopeless.
    Tim showed me how to do that and Im forever grateful.

    Here is what he told me.
    Get Every photo you can.
    Identify as many kits as you can and place as many of them in front of you in the area you are looking at on the model. Now measure them in real life and in the photo. Now scale your measure and measure the dimension you need in the photo, take into account there will be some photographic distortion so cross reference same measure from another angle from another photo.
    You will get your answer.

    For those of you that forgot Algebra. a/b = x/c
    A equals measure from real part in real life.
    B equals measure of part in the photo.
    C equals measure your looking for thats Next to you part in the photo.
    X equals what the C should be in real life.
    Solve for X

    "Give a man a fish he eats for a day...TEACH him to fish he eats a lifetime."

    We have always said, scratch building THIS model is a "right of passage".
    its the ultimate in photo interpetation, part identification and proportional artistry.

    Dont sweat it if you cant do it.....MR will be out with one soon Im told.

    Which will look great sitting next to the ATAT.



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    Well put Frank. :thumbsup :thumbsup
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    Well said Frank :)
    As for me, I share Frank opinion
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    The more I research this project, the more true I have found everthing you stated. This is not an easy project and I continually make new discoveries. I only have a few of the kits and will only be buying the reasonably priced ones. I will us alternatives where suited. Mine need not have every exact part, but I wan't the basic shape accurate, as can always improve along the way. I'm very satisfied with my plan, just looking to pick brains to keep me from wasting a lot of time and money. Thanks.

    I have my circular diamiter at 24 w/o plating.
    Mandibles at 9 inces out
    Manible ends at a 1.25 inches 3.75 inches apart.
    This all based on builing the plates and sides in 1/8 inch centra or styrene
    A 64 degree angle on mandible outsides meets the saucer.
    This gives me 32 inch long plates. With details, ship will be about 32.75 inches
    Hallway/escape pod center line... on the CODE3 SHIP it appears to be about one scale inch forward from center of the main saucer. I found this to be the same in a drawing in one of the esential guides, but I don't have a good top shot of th real model. Still working it all.

    My last name begins with "Spy". I am a Bond fan. Middle name is even James.

    Thanks again
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    Im not sure if this wil help but here are the autocad plans of where i got to on measuring up the 32inch version. (Im sure there not totaly acurate but it might be usefull.)

    Hope it helps.

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    you guys have hit the nail on the head
    new discoveries is an understatement really. once I had the basic hull done I thought I could just dive in to plating but nooooo I had fouond some new info and had to rip off the mandibles for more accurate ones, fortunately that was the only do over on the hull call me lucky
    but as soon as I got into plating I had to rip most of that off due to a miscalculation on the notches, they were to deep and not wide enough.
    and on and on and on this project is in my opinion a real test of skill and endurance. the real test of patients is from your significant other withthe expense of kit after kit after kit then when they se the total adding up to over 4000.00

  8. SPY007

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    Thanks for the link. Plans are a little bigger than what seems to be the generally accepted "correct size", but will be a useful reference.

    Boat builder: I am confident I can build a nice Falcn for only hundreds of $.

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    Hi Guys

    Hope the plans help if anyone feels like dropping me an email with updated dimensions I will update my model and update the plans on the web.
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    Why not wait for the Master Replicas one?


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