21 Jump Street


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No, it's not a joke.

Yes, Johnny Depp is in it, apparently.

Jonah Hill is as well, which suggests "BromCom" qualities for the film.

So. Setting aside the obvious "F*** Hollywood" comments, here's a question.

The original show first aired in 1987, and ran until 1991. Now, I know that 80s properties have been hot for the past few years because everything that's between 20 and 30 years old is always cool again.

What do you guys figure will be the recycled properties from the early 1990s that'll start popping up in a few years?

I'm thinking we'll end up seeing a TV-to-Film adaptation of Walker, Texas Ranger, myself. Given the Chuck Norris meme, this one seems like a natural fit.


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Heck I'm still waiting on Banacek reboot! Can't have enough of Polish millionaire insurance agents. Serious.


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All I watched in the early 90s was X-Files and TNG.

X-Files tried its hand on the big screen and failed miserably. A reboot? Not too sure if it would work these days; UFO conspiracies were hot back then, but today???

Don't get me started on Trek. :lol

Seinfeld? Friends? Another Simpsons movie?



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The only good film adaptation of a TV series was Serenity from the Firefly series. Everything else has been mediocre or just plain bad.

Old shows that I think could be a feature film: Dark Angel. It would be interesting to see if Jessica Alba would be willing to revisit the character that made her famous and if James Cameron could work his magic on it. And Alias would be interesting only if Joss Whedon was involved.


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I saw the trailer. Horrible. They destroyed another classic. This does not even look like Jump street. Looks like a pitiful attempt at a "Plain clothes" movie. I was looking foward to it and wanted to give Jonah hill a chance. After all Peter Delouise <Sp> was the plucky type. Just so sad.

Wes R

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This show was never on any of the stations we had back then so I have no clue what it's really about other than stuff I've seen on tv about it and i think on one of vh1's I love shows. Apparently Depp is hurting for cash as I know he was sick of the show.


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It's not a classic as much as a lot of other TV, but yeah... it's still a lower rung classic. Without 21 Jump Street, Johnny Depp might not be the star he is today. There was plenty of decent episodes on par with The A Team, Knight Rider and the like... just not the cult-ish, testosterone following.

This movie looks terrible.


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I watched the show from time to time as a kid. It was only ever OK.

But this trailer looks TERRIBLE. I turned it off. If I can't even sit through the trailer, well . . .
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