2002 Hasbro basic Obi Wan lightsaber mods


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I have always loved certain Jedi lightsaber hilts. If I could own any high quality prop replica saber it would have to be an Obi Wan ANH weathered saber.

I cant see myself in a position financially right now to afford a decent replica saber, so in the meantime I want to mod this 2002 Hasbro basic saber as cheaply as possible. I want to completely remove the blade and add a crystal reveal chamber. I don't really want to repaint it because I think the paint wear looks like weathering.

I have ZERO Lightsaber building or propmaking experience, but I don't think this should be very difficult to do even for a beginner. However, I do have basic soldering and electronic circuitry knowledge. I can get access to a Dremel and other tools if needed. Any advice on where to start would be very helpful.

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Would any forum members be willing to share their build log of an AOTC or TPM Obi saber hilt with crystal reveal? This is for my personal collection and I have no plans to gain from this project financially or otherwise. I just want a half-decent looking replica as cheaply as possible.

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1st off let me be the 1st to welcome you to the rpf. ;)

now to your project, You should have posted this thread in the Star Wars section to get the best results for help :p
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