1950s robot help/suggestions


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Here is what I have so far
I'd like some suggestions on what else I should do along with any good painting techniques for rust effects.
Also I'm planning on making a ray gun as well as the rest of a full body costume. I don't know where to start with the body portion, maybe a trash can? or rubbermade cut and assemble style that ive seen on this site before?

If anyone knows of a good cheap gun to start as my base for a raygun and could point me in the right direction that would be cool.

I also have an antenna that attaches at the side of the helm that I haven't worked with yet and am not sure what to do with.
Im kinda thinking maybe a DBZ style scanner that lights up?

The helmet has LEDs in the mouth that are wired to a voice changer and light up when you speak. The louder you speak the brighter. The changer controls are not pictured and are on the other side of the helm. the speaker is hidden in the "mohawk" that is actually louder inside than outside thanks to the resonance.


I started with a clone trooper base and tried to make it a combo of Bender, the rocketeer, iron giant, pimp bot (conan), HK-47.

I know this isn't really movie replica so I apologies to any purest but I figured its in line with what people do here.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Thanks guys!
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