1/700 waterline series


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Hi guys.

Perhaps a bit OT, perhaps not.

A friend of mine own a hobbyshop, and he's told me, that the 1/700 waterline ships from Tamiya, Hasegawa and Fujimi are 100% identical.

The reason is, that the kits are manufactored by a small japanese company, which then sell the kits, through the companys mentioned above.

I haven't been able to track down the same ship from different companys yet, so I can't comfirm this myself yet.

Can anybody confirm or deny this?

Best regards:
Niels M. F.


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I've never come across two kits by different manufacturers...at least not at the same time. (If I had at different times I wouldn't have realized it.)

But the story makes sense, as all the waterline models have identical box art, save for the company logo and the artwork/labeling of the specific ship.


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YES the answer is YES!!!!
As I have been building the 1/700 waterline ships for the past 25years I found them to be the same. The manufacturers
make their own as a collaboration on this project. In my opinion Tamiya makes the best of these models.

I have at least one hundred ships in my fleet!!!!
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