1/6 scale Imperial Commando helmet


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Here's the Helmet that I modded up to match my character in Imperial Commandos

The design Pic

The original

One for scale

Modded partially & primered

The full size one

More mods & white basecoat

painted & weathered

For comparison

It still needs the Blast shields & the Comlink.
what do you think?


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I think it's pretty awesome. I've always liked that design of yours, although I prefer the "yellow" design the best. I feel they should have used those designs for the clones instead of what they ended up with. The clones just look like bobble heads.



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I added the blast shields, the earcom greeblies, the notches on the left side of the bucket, & the comlink

What do you think?
Back o' the head

Greeblies on the earcom



No flash

And a comparison shot


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I modified it to actually fit the Gentle Giant bust.
I then put the pauldron from the Kotobukiya Sandtrooper on it to get a feel for the final look.
I photoshopped some dirt & added the stripe to see how it looks.
I couldn't remember the paint scheme :
waddya think?


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Slave1...where did you find this picture?? This wouldn't be from the ISS Props shop, would it??? It looks so darn familiar..


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HA. Good man, Slave1. On that note, I shall also keep my knowledge to myself. These helmets are impossibly OUTSTANDING. I will tell you, however, that I recently spoke to my very good friend, who will indeed be wearing one of these buckets. B)


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I suppose I should update you guys on my lifesize helmet;
I have weathered it & added the Mock-up of the visor.
This visor is made of ABS painted silver with a welding visor trimmed to the approximate shape.
The actual visor will be made of Aluminum .

Here is yet another revision of the basic shape that we are going for.
i feel this one is closer to the original design.
keep in mind that it is still a work in progress.

And here it is next to the original concept