1/48 Skylab Orbital Workshop

WOW!!! now THAT is fantastic!!!! Love large-scale spacecraft models. Thanks for sharing. Have you done a large scale LM?
Thank you!

Feek, no I have not done a large scale LM yet but you never know what may come. This project, the 1/12 Apollo 11 CSM and 2 others I did were for the same customer. I believe he already has a large LM model. Once I finish the Apollo I'm going to take a break from customer builds. I have my own projects I want to work on.

I have a 36" scratchbuilt star destroyer of my own design that is about 1/2 complete, plus a number of other projects I need to start or finish.

Lined up I have a 1/72 shuttle stack that I'm going to super detail, plus scratchbuilding a Haunebu II saucer and a large version of Metal Gear Rex from Metal Gear Solid.
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