1/350 Pacific Rim model kits by Max Factory/PLAMAX

My vote is on the lighter intermediate blue. Being a HUGE fan of the movie and seeing it a gazillion times, once you weather it I think it will look very accurate to Gypsy's on screen look. Just my 2 cents.

I agree.
If you plan on weathering it, go with the ligher one. If you're keeping it clean you might want to go with something in between the two blues, but still closer to the lighter one
Thanks guys, got so into the build I completely forgot to take pictures, I'm about half way done with GD, I'll remember to take pics and start my own thread once I really start painting.
Sorry to go off topic, but have you guys seen this? It looks like GD got upgraded, and if you look closely it looks like Typhoon and Cherno got salvaged and modified.

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