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  1. B

    Help ID'ing leather jacket? (Newt's, Pacific Rim)

    Hey! It's Dr. Newton Geiszler's jacket from pacific rim- some sort of cafe racer jacket as far as I can tell. I've been trying to find this jacket for... years, if you could help me figure out the brand or if you can tell it's custom made for the film that'd be great! Here are the best pictures...
  2. M

    Pacific Rim: Uprising, Jaeger Pilot Costume

    Hello! At San Diego Comic Con they had the new Pacific Rim pilot suits on display, and I'm reaching out to anyone trying to make the suit. Hopefully this will be the home to any information, and reference towards the new suits. If anyone has good pictures, or is building the suit already please...
  3. StoneDeadFX

    Completed Pacific Rim Pilot Suits

    After 170 hours, of helmet-sculpting, casting, and EVA-foaming armor bits, they're finally done! My first time working with EVA Foam or doing anything remotely close to this. Super happy with the results!
  4. TMBountyHunter

    1/350 Pacific Rim model kits by Max Factory/PLAMAX

    Unveiled at this weekend's Wonderfest in Japan EDIT: December 2016 Planned Release Prices: Cherno Alpha: 7,222 yen Official pic: pics scavenged from twitter:
  5. Dax79

    Pacific Rim Drivesuit - Raleigh Becket

    So I'm starting my new costume for next years Comic-Con. I have decided to team up with another cospayer and build the two white drivesuits from the beginning of Pacific rim. I will probably use EVA and other foams to make this. I have started on the chest and helmet. I used a PEP file to...
  6. TimAnderson310

    Pacific Rim Gypsy Danger Drivesuit Helmet

    Hey, everyone, first build here! I've had a few ideas bouncing around my mind for builds, and I've finally mustered the courage to have a go at one-- or two, rather: the Becket brothers' drivesuit helmets from Pacific Rim. I wanted to tackle two of them at once so I can feel like any little...
  7. Prop Store

    PACIFIC RIM Auction Begins August 25

    In partnership with Legendary, Prop Store will be launching our auction for Pacific Rim August 25 9:00 AM PST! Click here to learn more about the upcoming auction and to register to bid. Over 300 lots will be released, 30 per day, all offered with no reserve. If you have any questions at all...
  8. S

    Del Toro Notebooks

    I was curious if anyone else was working on these? The translation and organization of the Cabinet book practically dares those so inclined.
  9. A

    Mako Mori Help..

    I'm doing the simple sparring/workout outfit, I have a question, is her tank top black or navy blue, in some pictures it looks Navy Blue and others it looks black. And does anyone know if I can bring a staff into a con, like Dragon Con? The costume is kinda pointless without the stick. .
  10. StrikerE

    Pacific Rim Chuck Hansen jacket

    Ok. I have been searching for days and I really need help. I have been trying to find the closest possible jacket to Chuck Hansens in the movie that I can possibly get. I have found a few that are close-ish but I'm a perfectionist so I want it close enough so I won't have to do too many...
  11. kandell

    Gipsy Danger and Leatherback

    My boyfriend has agreed to do a couple's cosplay with me, so I wanted to pick something big and impressive for next year. I love Pacific Rim, so originally I thought Mako and Raleigh would be fun. But then...I decided I want to be Gipsy Danger. I want to make this costume badass, so I'd like to...
  12. H

    Pacific Rim: Newt's Tattoos

    Hi! I'm pulling a cosplay together of Newt from Pacific Rim and I was wondering if anyone had a hi-res scan of his tattoos? I've found some fan made sketches, but not much more. :\ Does anyone have any experience in using nylons as arm sleeves? Or recommend the best marker to use? Also, can...
  13. E

    Yeager pep

    Anyone know where I can get my hands on a Yeager pepakura unfold? Kinda want it to be my next big build.
  14. forklift

    My first build, Alphonse Elric, then Gypsy Danger

    I got my workbench finished, stereo installed for tunes, tools, foam, heat gun, fans, router, lighting (LED strips going in) and wife support Still might add another side to the table saw to give one long continuous work area and add a bench vise. I have a grinder/polisher already, trying to...
  15. W

    Pacific Rim cosplay finally finished!

    This build took over 250 hours, when all was said and done. I have a few touchups to do not that I've seen the pictures, but other than that its finally done. Had a sneak peek photo shoot yesterday and here are some of the pics. Keep in mind, I have a wig ordered, its just didn't get here in time.
  16. Rens

    Rens' 2014 Jan-Feb Sculpture Contest Entry

    Hi everyone! I'll be sculpting Otachi from Pacific Rim for my contest entry, using Monster Clay over a wire armature. Just ordered the art book for references and I'll probably get sculpting later this week. I'm very excited!! I've got a background in art, but I've only been sculpting for a...
  17. W

    Pacific Rim Drive Suit (american)

    This suit has taken me about 235 hours to build, most of it is made from EVA foam, with a few exceptions like the faceshield on the helmet and stuff. If you have any questions, feel free to look me up on facebook. (I keep forgetting to check messages on here and I check facebook a few times a...
  18. ToddsCostumes

    Free Pacific Rim Jaeger Pilot Suit?

    Hello! I haven't posted a lot here, but the quality of the work being done is fabulous! I noticed a lot of interest in the pilot suits from Pac Rim. I really loved the movie and the suits have been on my mind a lot recently... so I would like to propose a cooperative venture? If you have...
  19. A

    pacific rim jaeger pilot helmet + more

    Hi, This is my first time making my own thread or showing any of my work in depth. My images are limited because my camera wasn't available the entire time during the process of making things (so documentation is limited). I am new to building my own props and costumes, but have been lurking on...
  20. Kronogor

    Three Member Costume Group: Pacific Rim - 2 Pilots - 1 Jaeger

    Hey everybody, so as not to have a huge panicked rush to finish my projects like I did for last years comic con, I am starting on our SDCC 2014 costumes now. The plan is to create both Raleigh Becket's and Mako Mori's pilot suits and a Gypsy Danger. The strategy is to try to get my hands dirty...
  21. drewthecostumer

    Pacific Rim: Gypsy Danger

    I've recently been having an internal conflict: I want to make costumes that aren't just Star Wars, but I could never find that movie or TV show that I loved. However, I watched Pacific Rim the other day, and fell in love with Gypsy Danger, the main blue Jaeger. Picture for those who haven't...
  22. E

    Jaeger Pilot suit - Pacific Rim

    Hi all! Im new here in RPF but i've lurked for 2 years reading and learning a lot of suggestion and tecniques. So thank you very much for this fantastic board :D Since i love Pacific Rim so much i wanna try to build the Jaeger Pilot Suit and i wanna share with you what i'm doing step by step...
  23. laellee

    Pacific Rim Jaeger Resource **03/04 Striker Eureka unfolds added**

    ***UPDATED 3/4/14*** RPFer Glitch 5902 has been working on remodeling and unfolding the Striker Eureka suit pieces for paper pep. :thumbsup It's still a work in progress, but he has about 80% of the suit done. Link is below :thumbsup I recently teamed up recently with fellow RPFer...
  24. Murded

    Pacific Rim Ranger Bomber Jacket

    So I saw Pacific Rim last weekend and I loved it. I thought it was awesome that the pilots of the Jaegers had bomber jackets with their Jaegers design on them. My Favorite was Striker Eureka so I decided to make the Jacket. The first step was to buy the Jacket, I found a cheap imitation...
  25. TKSteve

    Pacific Rim Jaeger Suits?

    Anybody else contemplating building these? I've been amassing reference pics. :) :thumbsup