1/2 studio scale Offworld Blimp - DONE!!


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Sounds like you're a SLAVE to original trilogy model builds but perhaps you were just FETTed to attempt this one sooner or later!


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Curse? What curse? CALL HEXBEGON on 666-666-666 ! And you better give Guy Cowen a heads up about it too! (though he hasn't posted any more of his build in a while). The only alternatives I can think of that are multicoloured are the Mon Calamari cruisers but interestingly they are a bit blimp shaped. You do a SS of either of those and you may have to open a museum.


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For sheer awesomeness, this thread needs bumped everyday. Some specs on the Lightbenders side of things:
184 LEDS
2 EL inverter power supplies
Computer control
4 servo frames 3D printed (custom design by Lightbenders)
Each assembly:
two micro 3G servos
two yokes
two yoke arms
two servo levers
LED mount

Jason, how many brass parts are on the blimp?


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Man... I saw this yesterday at Wonderfest live. Awesome doesn't do it justice as a descriptor. Your work is just fantastic Jason, it is one of the high points of the convention every year for me and lots of other people to get to see your work first hand, thank you for continuing to bring awesome stuff for us to see.
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I really loved meeting you guys, sharing the enthusiasm, and am honored you guys dig it.

I didn't get to spend enough time with everyone I wanted to :(