1:1 Scale Good Guy Chucky Doll FINISHED!!!!

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More OCD stuff. I hand-painted the eyebrows with the tinted urethane mixture I showed earlier. Didn't like the look of it. So I got custom vinyl stencils computer cut:


I'm happy with it now. The tinted urethane was a pain to clean out of my airbrush, but I think it's worth it since it's super durable. These eyebrows will never come off. I still have to do the eyelashes (which I also got stencils made for) and blush on the cheeks:


In other news, my plastisol transfers arrived today. Super accurate, designed by me. These will be for the icons on the overalls, the good guy logo on the chest pocket, and the good guy logos on the shoelaces. I can finally do the overalls now!

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Dang dude, this build is epic. Outstanding as always, looking forward to more progress.
Re: BUILD THREAD: 1:1 Scale Good Guy Chucky Doll

Thanks! Chucky doesn't seem terribly popular here, but I've honestly had a strange obsession with the doll since the early nineties. I don't think I've ever been this excited about a prop.
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Love the transfers. And the head paintup is looking great. What are your plans for his hair? My Chucky head is still sitting here bald...
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Fortunately, Hollywood is mecca for wig shops. I have some high res images of Coinprop's screen-used wig and it was actually a blend of two different colors. I found a wig that looks pretty spot on, but the yellowy brown color on it is in a little higher concentration than the reddish brown color. So I will continue to search, but the wig I got is a good backup. Unfortunately, it was $150. I'm trying to find a cheaper option so I can return this one. However, most wigs with color blends tend to be the more expensive variety. The cheap costume wigs are usually one color. I think the two tones are necessary to get that textured look of the screen-used hair. The hair on the replicas never looks right to me.

Love the transfers. And the head paintup is looking great. What are your plans for his hair? My Chucky head is still sitting here bald...
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Before I settled on what to paint the head with, I tested a multitude of different types of paints. I tried everything from water-based acrylic to oil-based enamels, even tried screen printing ink. The only things I found that stuck to urethane rubber were tinted urethane rubber and alcohol based inks (like Sharpie--which my gut tells me they used to do the eyebrows and eyelashes on the original dolls, but my OCD-ness didn't like the look of hand-drawn lines on the head, which is why I used stencils).

I used the urethane rubber to paint everything, but I found that what the smooth-on tutorial doesn't tell you is that when you mix mineral spirits with urethane rubber, it doesn't actually dissolve the urethane. It just emulsifies it fine enough to spray out of the airbrush. However, it's still rather splotchy when it gets atomized. While this worked fine for the stencils, it wouldn't look very nice for the "blush" on the cheeks.

So for that, I decided to use alcohol-based ink sprayed out of my airbrush, which gives a very nice soft coloration and doesn't come off. I just soaked a red sharpie in alcohol overnight to extract some of the ink:


Then I airbrushed it on. Here is the finished painted head including the eyelashes:

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I decided to make my own shoes for the doll. I have some casts of the medicom shoes in rubber, but the walls are very thin and I could not find a paint that would stick to them without cracking like heck. And the tinted urethane mixture I've been using with white dye has very poor coverage, so I'd have to do about a million coats, which was just not an option.

So I decided to sculpt my own shoes and I will cast them in solid resin. So there will be no feet inside, but since I never plan on taking the shoes off anyway, this doesn't bother me. At least they will be durable.

Since I don't really want to sculpt two complete shoes, I decided to sculpt one upper, and then sculpt two mirror image soles. The upper on the screen used shoes was nearly symmetrical anyway as far as I can see. Personally, I think the medicom toe cap is a little too asymmetrical, so I might as well make that tiny correction.





That's it for the upper. Time to mold it and sculpt the soles. The relief images on the soles will be laser cut plastic pieces that I will incorporate into the sculpt.

I installed the eyes, but I actually have one other pair I made that I think is a tad more accurate, so I may be swapping these out. Also, I've been scouring tons of wig shops in L.A. and found a pretty excellent wig and it didn't break the bank. The color looks great to my eye and also has the same two-tone blend that the original Chucky wigs had. The only problem I see is that it lacks the "frizziness" that Chucky's original hair had. I have another wig on the way that has the appropriate frizziness and volume, but I won't be sure of the color until I receive it. As a third option, I've also been in touch with National Fiber Tech (they made the wigs for the original movie) and they are looking to see if they have an appropriate fiber in stock. If they do, it doesn't get much more accurate than that. So fingers crossed.


And yes, my cat is sleeping on the chair in the back.
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WOW. With the hair and eyes added that looks awesome! If you swap out the eyes, any chance of purchasing the current ones from you? My head could do with an upgrade... And those shoes look killer.

You've done a wicked job custom making the body. Any idea how it compares size/proportion wise to commercially available flexible child mannequins?

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oh… I'd kill the get one ;)
No… just kidding. I just watched the movie a few days ago and thought of a chucky doll replica. What a coincidence.

Good work, mate.
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The 27.6" mannequin could work, but I couldn't tell you without seeing the proportions. 25.6 is too short, and that mannequin already has a very long neck and head, which means the body must be pretty small.

And yes, I have enough materials to make several dolls. However, it all depends on whether or not Coinprop wants to make more heads. If you message him and he will cast them, then we can talk.

Bust 15.7"
Waist 15.6"
Hip 15.6"
Height 25.6"

The next size up that is available is:

Bust 17.3"
Waist 16.7"
Hip 17.7"
Height 27.6"
Feet 3.94''
Re: BUILD THREAD: 1:1 Scale Good Guy Chucky Doll

You have some inspiring solutions to the problems you face with this project. cheers!
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