1/1 Batman Begins

Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by streetjudge79, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. streetjudge79

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  2. kdawg1

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    That is sweet. What all is it made of? I really like the both of them, what's cool is I'm getting a divorce and when I do all my props are coming up from the basement so allcan see. I need to get some bust's, to display but they cost way to much for me.
  3. saber_holder

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  4. lionelz

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  5. Kevin

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    Gorgeous stuff.

    The skin tones on that and the Keaton bust look almost real.

  6. fettster

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    is that the one that was on our favorite auction site a couple of weeks back?
    I wondered if a member got it.

    If not, where did you get it as i want one?

    Looks absolutly amazing
  7. paulcarson

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    You know , you're gonna have to give up your day job to do this full time.

    Excellent Steve.

    (I also like the spider-man picture behind it. Where can I get one. :lol )
  8. streetjudge79

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  9. blufive

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    Nice work. I especially like the Keaton version.
  10. Lello999

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    Looks really great.

    I think it looks a little like they modified a Muckles Figures Batman Bust. I might be wrong, but I think the nose and the ears liik the same and he has the head twist


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