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    The Last Jedi Graflex Research - Spoilers inside!

    Re: The Last Jedi Graflex Research - Missing rivets in the grips? For what it's worth the packaging is almost certainly by Pilot Studio in Boston. They haven't 'claimed' it yet but they are responsible for basically every recentish Star Wars packaging design including TFA. They don't normally...
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    Digital Y-wing on Rogue One

    That still is from a trailer/tv spot/marketing I presume? Probably wishful thinking but has anyone been eagle eyed enough to confirm that it's identical to the shot in the film? It's not uncommon for trailer etc. shots to be temporary/different (especially in R1s case!) so they may have added...
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    death star computer graphics

    Have always wanted to recreate some of the displays etc. so keen to see what you find. Not really what you're after but those in R1 were made by Blind Ltd.
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    VIDEO: Rogue One - Rebuilding Classic Ships & Vehicles

    I can only really think to start this with: "Saw this and thought of you!" Obviously apologies if it's a repost but searching yielded nothing. ILM Model Supervisor Russell Paul talks about kitbashing etc and what they added to the CG counterparts of the classic models...
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    Star Wars, Objets du mythe - prop book

    May or may not be useful to some here: there's a handy website called that tracks Amazon prices (I'm sure there are rival sites but this one has served me well). Serves two functions for me: - get an alert when an item drops below a certain price - displays a graph of the...
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    HELP! What paints for fixing 3D print in colour?

    Hi there, I've had my 3d model of the cake topper for my wedding printed in colour however the bride is not best pleased about the colour her hair has come out so I'll need to do a bit of a DIY paint fix. I'm pretty naive about 3D Printing so have come to those with more experience for help -...
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    Rogue One

    Oooh, and lightened Possible Han droid caller attached to bottom left chest?, also: Donnie Yen's eyes... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Pre-release) (Spoilers)

    Can someone please help me? I need some body else to help me rationalise the helmet on the Resistance Trooper before I go a little mad: I'm hoping that it's actually It's a bit more complex than it looks and is actually something like this...
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    Want to Buy Custom Silicone Rings

    (Apologies if the wrong place to post - not prop related but am thinking a similar skill set!) Am very interested in the product offered by QALO, namely durable silicone wedding ring alternatives to be worn at the gym etc. unfortunately they don't have any that really suit our style. Is there...
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Pre-release)

    Wondered about that too! My only real attempt at a conclusion was that this was a run through for the focus/framing/exposure etc. with standins/stunts. On one hand it seems a bit weird to repeatedly do explosions like that but on the other it's not the sort of thing you want to only have one...
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Pre-release)

    Just a few things I noticed that may or may not interest people: The TIE concept art is by Andree Wallin We see an animatronic head moving its mouth - if you look bottom right you can see this is being driven by a computer that's tracking the motion of a face via a kinect like camera. This...
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Pre-release)

    Imperial Surplus stores probably had them going cheap! No idea what it says on his hat - no doubt something intimidating... Peg Leg Pete reminds me of a slightly less aloof Hermi Odle - oh the possibilities! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Pre-release)

    Can someone please put me out of my misery - in the Pirate Castle pic (biggest res here I think?) Is the chap second from the right not in a black OT stormtrooper helmet? Also, they are so piratey: two eye-patches and one peg leg.
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Pre-release)

    Have seen a few misconceptions around the Iger image- I personally (as a professional VFX artist) believe that that is a real set and ILM's involvment in this particular image was 'merely' compositing the Iger photo (shot in NY) with the on set shot (and possibly tweaking the backdrop). The...
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    1:1 Millennium Falcon Cockpit Replica - Group Build

    Also this hi-res image from the front of the magazine with CG falcon and a brief write up about the images: (both linked in the article above but there you go). Am sure they're being talked about elsewhere but can get a little glimpse of the cockpit in that cover...

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