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    ebayer rip off

    . From the Paper Props section, Posting Guidelines sticky thread... Doesn't mean free to print 100 and sell them, doesn't mean free to sell the files singly or in compilation, doesn't mean free... "you gave up your rights to the file by posting it here.". My very first paper prop was pilfered...
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    ebayer rip off

    . I can't believe that anyone would argue to support an idiot like this! I don't care if the guy only made a dime off each CD he sold... how does that make it right? Pretty lame argument if you ask me. Illegal or not, it's still wrong and in no way justifies it. This is what turns off...
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    ST:TNG Geordi's visor.

    Droidboy makes an outstanding visor replica! Odd... back in the day I remember searching that site for anything specific to Geordi's visor... I wonder when that was added. .
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    You may think they're Buck Rogers pistols...

    Re: You may think they're Buck Rogers pistols... Yep... In post #18 we already covered the fact that the red button denoted a Coyle replica. Also, there was/is another post here discussing the original plastic faucet knob with links to, at the time, original knobs and the replacement ones as...
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    ST:TNG Geordi's visor.

    Resurrecting an old thread here rather than start a new one for a detail possibly already documented. Found a detail not, at least that I know of, noted before, possibly a variation. You can clearly see a mesh, similar to a nylon window screen painted gold behind the brass tubing/rods...
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    A New Look for the RPF!

    . RPF: Recrafting Your Fandom What...? ;)
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    A New Look for the RPF!

    I like it! Very simple, clean although the double lines above and below are a bit too much 'gilding' if you get my meaning. :) I thought the font looked kinda familiar, just a bit different but it's hard developing something new that doesn't borrow from the old. The font is called Moline.
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    Seaquest Darwin Vocorder

    Wow!! I think you've nailed the case. It's either the exact model or pretty darn close. Unless Mike has any photos of the backside... The five ribs at the bottom and the details on the side look spot on. Great job!
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    My Prop Replica Collection - New Arrivals - Too Many Movies to List in Title

    Re: My Prop Replica Collection - New Arrivals - Blade Runner, Star Trek Hey Alan... Did you get the outer, "ball" casing for the dispenser? You can see the lower portion in the second photo you posted. The casing was also seen in Season 1, Episode 11 State of Flux.
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    Best PVC Sterling build-up plans out there?

    I guess it's a moot issue as it doesn't look like they're taking new registrations.
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    MiB3 licensee at Comic Con!

    There's a couple Buck pistols on the right and at least one one the left. I think most of these "eggs" were already noted, or at least I remember seeing them pointed out.
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    Mythbusters is back!

    You mean Safety Standarounds? Worthless... just something to make the officers and higher-ups feel better, that they've done "something". :lol Glad no one was injured and hope that MB won't receive too much negative press over this.
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    props you will never sell?

    Nothing is sacred... nothing. If it comes down to choosing between props and family? Shouldn't even be a doubt.
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    Human Skin Chest.

    Is that a navel at the front? Just needs a piercing! Totally sick! (both meanings) ;)

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