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    Reaper Overwatch

    Incredible! Looks great!!
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    Trooping in my Colonial Marine at San Diego Comic Con

    Very cool! Loved (and recognised) both of your costumes...they looked great!* I too was surprised at the young kids who recognised them! It must be down to the games and their parents showing them the way! Lol! To be fair the Halo UNSC Marine Corp were heavily influenced by the USCM. That's...
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    Xbox 360 R2D2 console Star Wars Kinect. New release date June 2012

    Re: Xbox 360 R2D2 console Star Wars Kinect Does look awesome, I love the fact the boot up and tray sounds they've added.
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    Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Movie Review *spoilers*

    Apparently the reason for this is a serious one.. Transformers 3 Re-Uses Car Crash From The Island - Movies Feature at IGN An extra 'Gabriella Cedillo' was badly injuired when they were filming that section of the movie. But Bay still needed the shot. He closed down filming there out of...
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    Bungie's 20th Anniversery and Final Halo "Humpday"

    Thanks! Pretty cool I want to spend money.
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    Bungie's 20th Anniversery and Final Halo "Humpday"

    Sounds cool! What's the link to the store?
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    Holy mother of the force!!!!!!

    Does anyone have a page with links to all the trailers? I can't get enough of these!
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    Holy mother of the force!!!!!!

    Wow, that was just incredible. It really draws you in and like others have said...I could happily watch an entire film of that. Really really well done, I just hope the game is half as good and then we're getting somewhere.
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    In your opinion - what's the WORST Pixar movie?

    Cars for me too, as the story or characters just didn't really draw me in at all.
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    X-Men First Class Movie Discussion

    That's cool, funnily enough the scenes filmed at Oxford University were filmed down the road from me too.
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    X-Men First Class Movie Discussion

    Man, I'm echoing the positive reviews! Extremely well done...loved every minute of it. Best X-Men movie to date.
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    Zelda Explained via BTTF

    Re: Back to the Future + Legend of Zleda Damn, that was hilarious and really puts the games into perspective. Great job as Doc Brown too!
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    Fast Five

    I enjoyed it too and thought it tied things together well! Some parts were a bit ott for me, but I did really enjoy it and got what I expected! Did you stay past the credits? ;)
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    Your favorite foreign movies

    You have to remember that the RPF has members from all over the world, so what may be 'foreign' to you, may not be to them. That aside, I'm a massive fan of Akira Kurosawa and his Samurai epics, with Seven Samurai and Yojimbo being some of my favourite films. I do tend to stick to a particular...
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    We're in Stan Lee's pages! COOL!

    Very cool, yet well deserved...congrats!