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    Hulk Suit...The Real Deal!

    Seems like it would be quicker just to sculpt full size than creating and building pep... So far, looks awesome. I've wanted to build a Hulk for a long time, but I never had the funds to do it the way I had envisioned. Can't wait to see progress!
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    War Machine High-Def Pepakura Team-up

    Kev, thanks man! Your a life saver. I've been searching for a good link to these for weeks.
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    Pep files

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this post, but I was wondering if anyone had some good G. I. Joe pep files, specifically a good file for the new Cobra Commander helmet from the new movie. I'd love to do a classic Cobra Commander or an Alley Viper as well. Also looking for a...
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    War Machine High-Def Pepakura Team-up

    Same here. I've been searching everywhere for these and all links are down... Can anyone hit me up with these files?
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    Commissioned Arkham Asylum / City Sculpture

    That is beautiful work hudson. very sharp. What kind of clay are you using?
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    Batman Reboot very likely

    It is very true that Mark Hammill will always be the supreme Joker. Hell, he's even started looking like him. Maybe they should just slather the grease paint on HIM and put HIM in the next movie. I would like to see Nolan finish his story with Batman finally getting his **** together and end...
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    Iron Man reveal electronic faceplate (pic heavy, vid too)

    I can't see any of the pics! I was really hoping to see what you did with Vash's awesome kit too.
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    VashDstampede's Iron Man Faceplate Reveal WIP

    I'm also really digging your guyver down there in your sig section.
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    VashDstampede's Iron Man Faceplate Reveal WIP

    This is AMAZING work. I just started my first helmet and this makes me wanna go ahead and hang it up. lmao.
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    First time Captain America and Predator helmets WIP (Pic Heavy)

    Thanks guys. I've been using the regular cheap of brand spray adhesive and it works like a dream. Used one single layer of the thinest fiberglass cloth, overlapping on joints and weaker areas.
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    R2-D2 foam build. Pictures of R2's trip to school.

    Re: R2-D2 foam build. Awesome! I think I need a full sized movie authentic R2D2 trash can. Maybe I can even make it remote controlled....
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    Arkham Asylum Armored bust with custom base concept...

    This is wicked. Amazing job. What kind of resin are you using? I'd love the peps.
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    sculpey on bondo

    Never worked with the stuff. Is it semisolid and moldable like sculpey?
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    sculpey on bondo

    I decided to use sculpey for some detail work on my cap helmet and I was wondering if any vets had any tips. It has a tendency to crack, and also not very adherent to itself. Trying to make the ridges on the helmet, and the rim around the bottom of the helmet, and it keeps just falling apart. Is...
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    Noob Captain America and Predator WIPs (Please Help!)

    Finnished peping my shield. Had to do it twice because the original pep was HUGE. lol I'm about to mat it. I'm trying to decide how to go about it. Should I mat the outside and the inside so I can sand the huge creases on the inside down? And I have NO idea how im going to get a good paint job...