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    Best 3D printed props

    What are some of the best 3D props to print?
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    Limited Run Aluminium M40 Grenade (Aliens Pulse Rifle)

    Can I have one with no moving parts, please?
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    Want to Buy WTB-USCM Shoulder Lamp

    I'm looking to buy a USCM shoulder lamp.....anybody?
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    Want to Buy Looking for pulse rifle grenades metal

    I'm looking for a couple metal pulse rifle grenades. Any leads out there? I need to replace the shotgun shell in my pulse rifle and I would like to use a metal one.
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    HICKS Armor reference needed

    I need a straight on photo of Hicks Chest Armor for a project, does anybody have a good one? Thanks.
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    Update..Pic of Sarlacc Run at bottom of stairs!!

    How is the blanket holding up?
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    Michigan Prop Party 10/1/11

    Did somebody say prop party in Michigan? Im listening.........
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    Review of SyFy's new tv show Hollywood Treasure

    This is the only show I look forward to each week...Bring on more props!
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    Review of SyFy's new tv show Hollywood Treasure

    What a great show! I will be watching every week. Bobby, you did a great job! I have to get down there and check out that joker in person.
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    Ewok Fur

    Thanks for all the info...Makes sense now.
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    Ewok Fur

    But, why would they cut up a costume for this? That is the only thing puzzling me. I know Lucasfilms never did this for a card set before, so why now?
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    Ewok Fur

    Have you guys seen this? Trader Crack's Card Blog: Ewok Hunting I was fortune enough to pick up 2 of these cards.
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    Ezio Auditore (help)

    Good Luck.
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    It's Payback time! Dengar WIP

    A trick for making the scarring a little bit more believable, is using colored collodian. It gives it a fresher look...I love using it on my Dengar.
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    IG-88 Build (Full Body) - FINSHED! Pg. 6

    Re: IG-88 Build (Full Body) Scott, You are a pioneer! I look forward to seeing your progress.