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    The Expanse: an Amos-Style Jumpsuit

    Thanks! Yep, the transfer material I got from a local craft store, though I could just as easily get it online, I'm sure. It came in a package of ten 8.5 x 11 inch sheets, designed for inkjet printer use. Just print exactly like a normal sheet of paper, let dry for 30 minutes, cut out and remove...
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    The Expanse: an Amos-Style Jumpsuit

    And here is the final product – and a much more accurate-looking Amos I ran into at the con! What are the odds?
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    Andy Warhol, or, In the Future, Everyone Will Cosplay, for 15 Minutes

    Thank you, thank you! Here's a (middling) shot of the final product (version 1, anyway). Now added is the best tie (so far), a Campbell's Soup can lapel pin, and an actual soup can label inserted into my phone case's clear back. Pleasantly, the wig did not blow off or fall off. The sunglasses...
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    The Expanse: an Amos-Style Jumpsuit

    Having scaled my iron-on graphics properly (I hoped), I printed them out on my old desktop inkjet printer. I let them dry, and then very carefully cut them out. Removing the backing was tricky, but once that was accomplished, the iron-ons went on very well. I was frankly delighted. All that...
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    Andy Warhol, or, In the Future, Everyone Will Cosplay, for 15 Minutes

    After quite a bit of Google image searching (and far too many black and white photos of Andy), I had complied a sort of reference library. I then divided the pics into groups: Glasses, Ties, Boots and General. Armed with a rough idea of what my components should look like, I started hitting the...
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    The Expanse: an Amos-Style Jumpsuit

    As soon as I got the jumpsuit, I tried it on. Then washed it. Then tried it on again. Satisfied with the fit, I set about making some simple mods. My jumpsuit has a sort of internal drawstring for the waist, which I like, and (besides the wrinkled look at the cinched area, provides a pretty...
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    Andy Warhol, or, In the Future, Everyone Will Cosplay, for 15 Minutes

    The older I get, the more particular I'm getting about my costumes. I wear glasses, and since I don't wear contacts, and I can't walk around virtually blind, I have to wear some kind of glasses all the time, or disguise them somehow. I've made a list before of characters I can still pass for...
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    The Expanse: an Amos-Style Jumpsuit

    Maybe a little too Amos-style, so I ended up looking a bit like a bootleg Amos, but it was a good experience overall. If I add a few more patches, I'll be a little more distinctive. Who knows what changes the future may bring?! A few years ago, I had a Beratnas Gas 'work shirt' made, with the...
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    Replica 1960's NASA Employee ID

    Designed this as part of a costume I'm making, and I thought I'd put it out here for any space or space movie aficionados. This replica is based on the Fred Haise / Bill Paxton ID shown below, allegedly made for the movie "Apollo 13." Mine is blank for you to insert your favorite astronaut /...
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    Captain America First Avenger ww2 compass

    Yeah, my pic was designed to print at actual size & fit in one of the modern metal repro compasses (which I unfortunately bought years ago). Should be pretty close to the same size as a period one, I hope. I'm delighted to see this prop reappear, but a little disappointed in the use of the...
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    Looking For Ripley' s White Helmet Reference

    I posted what I have here: Probably nothing new, but just in case.
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    Jurassic Park Lex Murphy Cap

    I'd regularly check eBay for something like "vintage purple hat" or "vintage purple cap" and minus the term "mesh." I'm not sure if hers is child size or not, or if it's a synthetic fabric or a natural material. Depends on how close is close enough : )
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    ‘Apollo 11’ Trailer: The Moon Landing Documentary Critics Call ‘Astonishing’

    Unfortunately, yes, they did have to use some footage from other missions to stand in for Apollo 11 events they didn't have good coverage for. If you listen to the interview with the director over at, IIRC he says that the POV footage from inside the capsule during the TLI burn (when...