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  1. Karol

    WIP: ANH Tusken Raider

    I'm uploading a pic & here is my listing for 303 leather bandolier.
  2. Karol

    WIP: ANH Tusken Raider

    Osnaburg cotton would be a pretty good choice for the wrap parts. The outer robe would almost require a blanket. The tea dyes and Rit dyes look great, but there's a really easy way to dye things brown. It's called potassium permanganate. They use it to clear out iron from swimming pools. It...
  3. Karol

    ANH Tusken Raider Build

    I've been making some of the Lawrence of Arabia style bandoliers in leather if anyone is interested. They're dark brown leather. A lot of Lee-Enfield rifle owners are buying from me. And probably a couple Nathan Drake cosplayers. lol.
  4. Karol

    Screen Accuracy and Star Wars

    The Star Wars fan base has always seemed like one that was obsessed with screen accuracy. Do you agree? And if so, why do you think that is? What is it about Star Wars, or its culture and community that makes its fans so committed to making such accurate props and costumes? Thanks in advance...
  5. Karol

    Mad Max Fury Road Coma-Doof Warrior

    SloppyJoe, no one knows for sure. But I can tell you by looking at it again that it does have characteristics consistent with the top part of a boot, with the toe and sole removed. In other words, take some pleather goth boots and turn the right one into a gaiter. That would be a better bet, I...
  6. Karol

    Imperator Furiosa: Mad Max Fury Road

    Hey guys, this is Karol, the creator of this thread. I've been updating my site with some more info on Furiosa. I've got some great photos of the arm that I've isolated from the background, and a bunch of great photos on the boots.
  7. Karol

    Mad Max: Fury Road Costume Thread

    No. You have to leave a tab, about 2.5 inches long, right along the rear sleeve seam, and then fold it up and rivet it. Spend some time on this thread.
  8. Karol

    Mad Max: Fury Road Costume Thread

    So, as many of you know, I am making pleather Mad Max jackets just in time for Halloween. I posted photos of the prototype before, but recently was able to grab one of the production jackets and even weather it up. I think they look pretty damn good.
  9. Karol

    Immortan Joe costume from Mad Max, Fury Road

    If anyone is capable of making runs of the body armor, or other items, send me a PM. I am always looking to partner with prop/costume makers who can provide items for members of my mailing list. I've received interest in Immortan Joe costumes, but I already have my hands full offering Max...
  10. Karol

    Police academy costume

    Keylab, you might want to try this:
  11. Karol

    War Boys: Mad Max Fury Road

    HAHA! Yea, you're totally right. I looked at it myself.
  12. Karol

    Mad Max: Fury Road Costume Thread

    The boot in this shot doesn't look much like Max's boots in other shots. It's probably a stunt pair.
  13. Karol

    Problem with wood glue cracking on EVA foam

    Roscoe FlexBond.
  14. Karol

    Fabric Help

    You might want to look into pique fabric.

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