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    SHOW-OFF: SAAB Paul "Joker" Wang Flight Helmet replica

    updated after photobucket died now with pics again!!
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    Space Above and Beyond: Marine and Pilot

    just realised I have updated some of my old builds after the photobucket fiasco - piccies updated now :D yes alchemy arms int he US are whom you seek :D Nate
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    Limited Run Jimmiroquai: Rogue One Shore/Tank Trooper Armor and Soft Parts - Christmas Sale!

    Re: Jimmiroquai: Rogue One Shore Trooper Armor and Soft Parts Full package (Helmet + Armor + Soft Parts) please 5EB01245KR855501Y
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    HALO Reach Noble6: Foam Build

    painted Didnt like the simple lens - so got some motorcycle lens and cut grooves into the lens helmet held up to my foam armour and my quick foam MA37 AR - still needing detailing
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    HALO Reach Noble6: Foam Build

    now I have read other tutorials on coating polyurethane resin onto proper dense EVA foam. Its recommended you seal and prime the surface with PVA. Experimenting with a few scraps of the foam I was using, I found that it did NOT need prepping. Some absorption of the PU resin into the foam was...
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    HALO Reach Noble6: Foam Build

    recently got into the game again whilst playin with my kids. I modded an old free file from Rundown years ago. Original was for pep, but I simplified and modded for foam paper templates transferred to foam for helmets, I use a thin an flexible foam used for camping mats. its about...
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    Stargate Jaffa

    appreciate the comments guys! I was gonna make my way round the whole costume - but I managed to get in touch with Alex from Props Factory in France - and he hooked me up with a cast from originals set! the Horus head still went very well with it though!
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    Stargate Jaffa

    more weathering free hand belt buckle paint onto the chest armour
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    Stargate Jaffa

    been a while since I posted. my journey from scratch build to upgrades! started a while back. 1st with foam free hand foam from ref pics. Broom is not screen accurate :D wanted the horus head as well - and modded JF customs work - - - Updated - - - detailing work on the...
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    Galactic Marine Helmet

    no clay was used. Its a methods using pepakura, fibreglass and body filler thanks for interest!
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    Make foam armor smooth

    Same technique on body armour on this build
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    Make foam armor smooth

    Correct on caulk. Only face plate needed smoothing. Watered pva is every where else. With the pva coating i have had no problems w generic automotive paint, rustoluem, tamiya acrylic or humbrol enamels. I always use the brand specific primer to the paint. Plastidip gloss or smoke is...
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    Make foam armor smooth

    several steps (1) with experience you learn to glue your armour pieces together better (2) to fill holes and gaps - I used acyrlic caulk. NOT silicone. Its the stuff decorators use foam based helmet acrylic caulk applied and smoothed with fingers and a touch of water (its not an...
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    Dying Faux leather?

    its possible. each country has its variants - but its basically paint specifically used to re-vitalise old leather upholstery this is the version I used in the UK its often comes with a prep solution which I suspect is acetone based to remove the protective layer ontop of most...
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    dyeing dark leather green

    Coat waa charity shop score :) looks like old 70s design Dye - i was worried too. But no rub off. A bit shiny. But i buffed it and rubbed down a bit