HALO Reach Noble6: Foam Build


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recently got into the game again whilst playin with my kids.
I modded an old free file from Rundown years ago. Original was for pep, but I simplified and modded for foam

paper templates transferred to foam

for helmets, I use a thin an flexible foam used for camping mats. its about 8 mm thick. For finer details and greebs, I used 2 mm funky foam from kids hobby shops. Here is the rough completed helmet

at this point, I wanted to try coating it with some polyurethane resin!


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now I have read other tutorials on coating polyurethane resin onto proper dense EVA foam. Its recommended you seal and prime the surface with PVA.
Experimenting with a few scraps of the foam I was using, I found that it did NOT need prepping. Some absorption of the PU resin into the foam was actually helpful, and the resin did not EAT the foam.

here are 2 vids I did :
Vid 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97YJaNAvI3M
Vid 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97YJaNAvI3M

and the helmet after the process

some filler and sanding work is still required, but much less than with traditional pep

greebs built with thin funky foam

greebs attached, details built with thin styrene strips and grooves dremelled into the helmet


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Didnt like the simple lens - so got some motorcycle lens and cut grooves into the lens

helmet held up to my foam armour

and my quick foam MA37 AR - still needing detailing
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