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    Zvezda Avenger-Class ISD-II - WIP

    Thanks for all your help in answering these questions. I was wondering if you could tell me how you built the oval-shaped piping in the rear engine section? I have been unable to carve similar shapes in styrene and wondered what your technique was. Thanks!
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    Zvezda Avenger-Class ISD-II - WIP

    Wow, thanks for the detailed reply! I went ahead and started detailing my ISD kit. Do you by any chance recall what diameter styrene rod you used for the engine section? thanks for all the help.
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    Star Destroyer Avenger Reference

    Hi, after seeing Invar's build I feel like trying to upgrade my Zvezda Star Destroyer as well What I need help finding is reference pics for the side trenches. A few websites I have come across have good reference for most of the filming miniature, but when it comes to the trenches they are...
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    Zvezda Avenger-Class ISD-II - WIP

    Hi, this is actually my first post and I joined the forum after seeing this build. I am tempted to try something like this and just wondering how you scratch built something like what is found in the center of this screenshot I've attached.