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  1. Fizbin

    New52 Orion helmet Work in progress

    Glad you found a workable solution. It's always nice when something simple gets the job done so you can move on with the project. Looking forward to seeing the finished helmet, looks very good so far. :thumbsup
  2. Fizbin

    New52 Orion helmet Work in progress

    If that's a concern, then just use a screw or bolt that is threaded only half way (such as a cap screw). The trick here would be for the threads to start after the thickness of the helmet, but not longer than the nut. You'll probably have to cut the threaded part down a bit, but that's not hard...
  3. Fizbin

    New52 Orion helmet Work in progress

    A simple low-tech approach would be to embed a nut (right side and left side) on the underside of the visor's pivot points, then use short flat-head screws through small holes drilled in the helmet. That should give you a workable hinge without any cosmetic flaws on the out side.
  4. Fizbin

    Knightfall Batman Helmet - Pepakura and 3D Print Files

    Sorry, my bad. I did click on the correct button, but it brought up some other page for downloading. Seems that my previous 4shared account expired and had to create another one. So, I have it all sorted now and humbly apologize for the false alarm.
  5. Fizbin

    Knightfall Batman Helmet - Pepakura and 3D Print Files

    Just a heads-up, I got nothing but malware from the links you provided.:facepalm You might want to try re-uploading them or put them on a more reliable site.
  6. Fizbin

    plaster with plaster

    I've had better luck with Turtle Wax ( the green paste kind). You can buff it a bit after it dries, which seals the mold a little better... plus there's no greasy mess to worry about.
  7. Fizbin

    Invincible Robot Helmet WIP

    You seek Magic Sculpt 1 Lb. Epoxy Clay - Natural . I suggest using it on a disposable armature for something as large as a helmet, though.
  8. Fizbin

    Prop Makers starter kit

    ^ I couldn't have said it better. In fact, it's taken me over 10 years to finally accumulate the tools I need to pursue just about any prop project I want to make. Then again, I like to experiment with all kinds of materials. Just start small and work your way up.
  9. Fizbin

    Prop Makers starter kit

    Well if you want to open all of the boxes that your new tools come shipped in, then yes!
  10. Fizbin

    1966 Batman Gotham City 14 Miles sign

    Yep, gotta' admit, well done! Very smooth, did you use MDF or sand the crap out of some 3/4" ply?
  11. Fizbin

    Lightweight MDF?

    What about the 4'x8' pink (or blue) ridgid foam insulation sheets found at any Lowes/Home Depot? They come in a few different thicknesses and are very light weight. I think they're about $10 a sheet.
  12. Fizbin

    Vacuum Pump Specs

    For the thickness of ABS you're wanting to pull, you'll need a better understanding of the equipment and setup required to do so. I suggest popping over to :: Index and asking the gang over there. They have more advanced knowledge than what you're likely to find on this board...
  13. Fizbin

    Iron sky moon trooper research thread

    Re: Iron sky moon trooper help? Well I did see the movie on Netflix a few months ago, although I didn't really make any technical observasions while watching it. So, I googled "iron sky moon trooper" but didn't find anything consistent. It seems to me that they used any german uniform item they...
  14. Fizbin

    How does Captain America's Shield stay on his back?

    In the comics (back in the day) he put his arms through the forearm straps and kind of wore the shield like you would a common backpack. Not that this method actually works in the real world, but that's what he did.
  15. Fizbin

    What drawing programs do you use?

    Heh, I guess I'm not the only one who wants to beat the screen when working with Illustrator. I'm still using Freehand 9. :thumbsup I just don't get why Illustrator is so unintuitive... it drives me nuts!

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