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    Stilt Recommendations

    Ebay is always worth a look, I managed to get a brand new pair for £40 or about $60 - bit of a bargain, but you can walk in them all day long
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    IRON MAN - Mark VI - Just started...

    It's cheap and easy :) I have two halves done up to now, just looking to add paint to see how they work out - mini ones for the kids :) not a perfect finish, but it'll do :). Looking good :)
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    Problems with materials!

    Have you tried camping / yoga mats? Their cheap and readily available. Sports Direct is usually good for about £4 a roll, just make sure you have at least one smooth side on the mat
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    Anyone that would like to help me?

    Sorry dude not got that far yet - for other parts I've just measured how big I think the piece should be and used that as a guide - probably not gonna help on fingers though - although I'll probably use JoWe's easy foam hands....
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    can yoga mat use in iron man suilt?

    What firebapx said - yeah I've got an IM and a War Machine from yoga / camping mats on the go for my kids - not the smoothest finish although the PVA helps - that said depending on the mat you buy, some have a much better finish
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    Ironman Costume - Alternative to Resin and Bondo

    Looks great :) and probably much cheaper too! I guess the only down side I could think of, is how brittle is joint compound when it's dry? Definitely looks easier though :)
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    Mrs. Captain America First Avenger

    Looking good :) look forward to seeing this finished :)
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    Bumblebee from scrap ( literally hehe)

    Dude... we're not worthy! Your builds are always amazing :) and cheap :)
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    Jack Skellington for Halloween

    Thanks guys :)
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    Jack Skellington for Halloween

    Thanks to a reasonable amount of Duct tape I managed to get done in time :) couple of pics from yesterday attached :)
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    Jack Skellington for Halloween

    Ok going hell for leather to get this finished for tomorrow, but here's a small Zero update - scrapped the idea of stuffing apart from the nose. Made a skull, ears, spine and front paws from chicken wire, skinned with Duct tape and then hot glued fabric on - plan is to attach the lead to Jack's...
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    Jack Skellington for Halloween

    Jacket half painted with pinstripes and bowtie made from foam and cardboard
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    Jack Skellington for Halloween

    Thanks :) I have some old black curtains which I'm gonna destroy to cover the stilts - and funny you should mention Zero - I have some spare cloth and plan to attach him to a staff, quick mess about with some stuffing and elastic bands as a test run below....
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    Jack Skellington for Halloween

    Test fitted with the jacket, some £4 skeleton lycra gloves off ebay and the stilts
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    Jack Skellington for Halloween

    I used plumbers putty to build up the brows and the nose, resined it to give it some strength and then painted it - white auto spray paint and black acryllics