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    Mar 6, 2018, 5:51 AM - Re: Emerald City Comic Con 2018 #26

    As with just about everything else in this country, comics have been about 95% dominated by white heterosexual men for the entirety of its existence as an industry. When a woman's name, such as Louise Simonson or Ann Nocenti, stands out as remarkable, it's no surprise that people who are not part of that default demographic want a chance to meet up and compare notes and not feel like outsiders for a minute. Just because comics are now only about 90% white heterosexual men does not mean we are now being oppressed and excluded. The traditionally dominant demographic does not require special treatment.

    I also love that those articles (Breitbart? Really? Not the most unbiased source on the planet...) showed the same picture of one of the gender-neutral restroom signs. Like that was what all the bathrooms at the con were or something. Most of the restrooms were the typical M/F model. There were three or four in the entire convention center that were designated gender-neutral. No one was forced to do or not do anything or go or not go anywhere. Also also, kudos for all the "cosplay is not consent" placards up around the con.


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